Fremantle P&O Building

As I have mentioned in previous posts, there are some really quite cool buildings in Fremantle and the old P&O building is no exception.

I took this just before sunset a few weeks ago and although I have other shots without people in them, but this image works for me. It shows people going about their business in various parts of the image, which is very much what Fremantle is all about.

The soft light and sunset colours made me pull over to see what was on offer.

One of the best beaches in the world!

The title above is bold and probably controversial as many readers will think…’no I have been to a better one here and there etc’, but I do believe I am qualified to make a statement like ‘The Basin at Rottnest Island would, in my opinion, be up there as one of the best beaches anywhere!

I have done a lot of travelling in my time for various reasons of both work and play and yet every time I would past the Basin at Rottnest Island, I think…’wow’ how beautiful is that! From the crystal clear water, to the natural harbour surrounded by a large limestone cliff looking down on the swimming beach to the reef lines adding interest to the beach, the Basin has it all!

Last week I picked up my new Zeis 21mm lense from Team digital and all of the recent posts have been shot with that lense. Impressively sharp to say the least!

Beautiful Rottnest colours to kick off the season!

The official start to the Rottnest season this weekend for all the regular Rotto goers and we were treated to beautiful clear waters and some classic Rottnest colours.

The basin had snorkelers, a charter boat, stand up paddle boards and heaps of kids playing in the shallows, all of which made for some tranquil summer time scenes.

Spring Wheatbelt storm

Getting back to the country a bit with this image captured a little while ago whilst on shoot with my mate Brett Morgan. We covered about 1,000 kms on this shoot and found some pretty cool stuff along the way, as well as some mediocre stuff, but it was a fun day out!

I would encourage everyone to get out into the country next year during spring as it really is worth a look and it is so vastly different from the North East to our South West!

There are still cabins available on the True North with Christian Fletcher next year

Christian Fletcher is joining True North again next year on our second Kimberley cruise which is when the season is just turning and when the Kimberley is at its best. Thunderstorms most evenings and waterfalls just going nuts. The Barra are biting well at that time of year as well, so there is plenty of activities to keep yourself amused!

Xmas is coming up, so why not spoil someone close to you with the trip of a lifetime that should be on the top of everyone’s bucket list, with the bonus of being tutored by the current winner of the Australian APPA awards in the landscape category?

Christian will be on True North with myself to teach everything he knows about photography and how to get stunning landscape images of what is probably Australia’s most untouched paradise. On this years trip we cruised from Broome to Wyndham and did not see one other vessel, or one other person until we were nearly at Wyndham! Not one other soul over 1100nm!

I will be assisting Christian as need be and will also act as the guide having done 10 or more Kimberley cruises now. As you will see with my Kimberley posts from this year, the early Kimberley cruises can produce some amazing results and this cruise is still on the shoulder whereby we can be guaranteed some amazing storms, sunsets and awesome light, together with raging waterfalls and the Kimberley after the wet.

See below for the trip details.

Kimberley Gorges From 07 April 2012 To 14 April 2012
Wyndham – Hunter River/Broome, 7 Nights

The Kimberley Gorges itinerary features the northern half of the Kimberley
Ultimate cruise. Here the landscape is dominated by the Kimberley’s
stunning gorge country including the Berkeley River, the King George Falls
and the Mitchell River. Includes helicopter/aircraft transfer to Broome.

Kimberley Islands From 14 April 2012 To 20 April 2012
Broome/Hunter River – Broome, 6 Nights

The Kimberley Islands itinerary features the southern half of the Kimberley
Ultimate cruise. A totally different Kimberley experience featuring the
mighty Prince Regent, intriguing Montgomery Reef and the exhilarating
Horizontal Waterfalls. Includes helicopter/aircraft transfer from Broome.

The beauty of this trip is that you can either do the first half from Wyndham to the Hunter, or the second half from the Hunter to Broome, or both!

We are working on some incentives for this trip, so stay tuned to both Christian’s and my blog for further updates on proceedings!

Bookings can be made direct to the North Star office.

Please call Holly on 08 9192 1829

Or email

Or contact me on:
Phone: 0418 920 271

Rottnest Drama

On the way to Rottnest today the lead up to the Thunderstorm was creating some nice drama skies.

But the drama was not limited to the skies today!

Another Shark attack today and this time the first ever Shark attack at Rottnest!

Once again I ask, when will humans have more rights than Great Whites, this has become more than a sick joke…3 deaths in the span of a few weeks. It is time something is done as obviously there is an imbalance and things need to be brought back in check!

African’s come to Perth!

I decided to head out to Kings Park this evening as the cloud build up over the hills was looking promising and was treated to quite a special show.

There were some visiting African dancers rehearsing for a show just in front of the memorial. It reminded me a bit of PNG actually with the dancing and singing and also how co-ordinated they were.

Their songs were quite different to other African melodies and it made for a very nice lead into the sunset.

The mega Thunderstorm I was hoping for didn’t eventuate, but there was a moment where the pink highlights made for a nice feature to the sunset and that image leads this post.

I nice way to see the weekend out for sure!

Sunset at CY O’Connor Beach

I decided to head out for a shoot tonight as the build up in the sky had been developing all day. A bit of a recognisance from the balcony suggested that somewhere down south was probably going to be best and as it turned out my guess was spot on.

It was all happening down at CY O’Connor beach.

I did a bit of research about the wreck down there and found this:

Wyola 1912 The 306–ton steam tug Wyola worked in the Port of Fremantle. It was built in South Shields, UK in 1912 and run ashore at Robb Jetty for dismantling and scrapping in 1970. The stern frame can still be seen protruding from the beach while the bottom of the hull lies buried in the sand. A timber barge buried in the sand just to the north and sometimes visible is said to have been used in the scrapping of Wyola.

The Wyola and the barge make for some nice foreground interest for shots like these…hope you like them!

It makes you wonder where we are at these days when compared to CY O’Connor! His achievement of running water out to Kalgoorlie and developing the port of Fremantle are still 2 of the greatest engineering achievements ever done in this state.

Governments these days don’t seem to want to tackle anything longer term that means it won’t be finished before their 3 year Governing period. I feel that rather than send out the $900 out to stimulate the economy, visionary projects such as piping water down from the Kimberley should have been tackled which would have not only stimulated the economy, but we would have had something to show for the stimulus that would assist the growth of our state over the coming generations.

All we got with the Governments initiative was a bunch of new televisions and a boost to the Bali economy!

More Wyadup Colours

This image is also taken at a similar time to the previous posts, albeit from a different perspective.

A good friend of mine lives near this area and he and his wife often spend hours exploring the beach and rocks in this beautiful secluded part of our south west coast. I have seen it so wild and rugged and yet I have also seen it ever so tranquil.

It was not that long ago that we had a very northern swell as a result of a cyclone coming down the coast and the resultant right hand barrels pumping through just to the left of the rocky outcrop were awesome.

I have seen a number of photos of pro surfers getting towed into these very hollow and solid barrels, that only ever work once in a blue moon!

A captured moment in time that I can guarantee will never look the same again!