Sunset at CY O’Connor Beach

I decided to head out for a shoot tonight as the build up in the sky had been developing all day. A bit of a recognisance from the balcony suggested that somewhere down south was probably going to be best and as it turned out my guess was spot on.

It was all happening down at CY O’Connor beach.

I did a bit of research about the wreck down there and found this:

Wyola 1912 The 306–ton steam tug Wyola worked in the Port of Fremantle. It was built in South Shields, UK in 1912 and run ashore at Robb Jetty for dismantling and scrapping in 1970. The stern frame can still be seen protruding from the beach while the bottom of the hull lies buried in the sand. A timber barge buried in the sand just to the north and sometimes visible is said to have been used in the scrapping of Wyola.

The Wyola and the barge make for some nice foreground interest for shots like these…hope you like them!

It makes you wonder where we are at these days when compared to CY O’Connor! His achievement of running water out to Kalgoorlie and developing the port of Fremantle are still 2 of the greatest engineering achievements ever done in this state.

Governments these days don’t seem to want to tackle anything longer term that means it won’t be finished before their 3 year Governing period. I feel that rather than send out the $900 out to stimulate the economy, visionary projects such as piping water down from the Kimberley should have been tackled which would have not only stimulated the economy, but we would have had something to show for the stimulus that would assist the growth of our state over the coming generations.

All we got with the Governments initiative was a bunch of new televisions and a boost to the Bali economy!

31 thoughts on “Sunset at CY O’Connor Beach

  1. Saw it happening as I stood a bit disappointed in the middle of a hay paddock tonight and thought it would be a good evening to be on the coast. Inland was a bit flat with a bit to much heavy cloud. Some wicked colours higher up just after sunset though.

    1. Thanks Neal and Pete…yep the jury was out as to what it was going to do, but I was very lucky where I chose to go as it really was the only action I could see anywhere!

      1. Sadly governments are only concerned with the next round of elections … How many years now have we been taking about the redevelopment of the Perth foreshore … I really though wow they are actually talking about the kimberly and water, yet in the end it was shelved just because of short term cost with not insight to long term gain …

  2. Liking the top shot…and the little bit of history to boot! You’re right about the water issue too. If he could do it then, why can’t we do it now. More and more houses being built to house more and more people…but where’s the water coming from?

      1. I have read CY O’Connors report to parliament where he gave the “business case” for the pipeline. The essence was that miners were paying something like 2 shillings a gallon for distilled water in Kalgoorlie, and 20,000 miners paying that two or three times a week more than paid for the whole pipeline project right from day 1. Bringing water down from the Ord is different – it would cost $6-10 billion dollars in capital and operating costs of hundreds of millions of dollars. Desal plants are much much cheaper.
        But I agree – desal is the easy engineering way out, and very energy intensive. Not a long term solution.


        1. I agree Ian, but my point is simply that if we tallied up all of the wasted stimulus ideas this Government has thrown away and instead put something like the Ki
          Berley canal together then we would at least have something to show at the end of it!

          The way it is now, the dollars have been wasted and we have not one thing to show for it…nor do we have a long term solution to thus states water issues!

          1. Mark – I totally agree about the wasted stimulus money – it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to build infrastructure that would serve Australia for generations.

            But water from the Kimberley is not the project – the operating costs alone are crippling.

            There is a solution to Perth’s water supply – managing the catchments for the dams to increase runoff. However as this would involve catchment thinning, it is a solution that is not discussed.


        2. I think the future is in distributed sources.. not single sources. Rather than trying to tackle the problem with one unifying answer, approach it from several different directions. ie – solar panels on all new properties, water tanks that collect rain and possibly a recycle system for grey water for usage in toilets and outside taps.. or for industry usage.

          We have so much sunlight here in Perth, I’m surprised that solar isn’t more popular.

  3. Gorgeous images, one of my favourite little spots down south, the wreck is actually not too bad to snorkle around either 🙂

    We need some more visionaries in government. Think what could have been done with the failed $900 hand out, the insulation project.. and the dozen other harebrained schemes’ finances..

    1. Until such time as Politicians have a requirement to be a successful business man before getting into politics we will continue to be Governed by theorists Paul, with no actual practical experience!

      1. I don’t necessarily think that they need to be successful business men (and women), but they do need to have done some real world work and had real world experience. The problem with politics is that it doesn’t have any attraction to the smartest and most innovative people in our country. It would be nice to get a few doctors, engineers and successful business people into politics to shake things up a bit.

          1. I see the same problem with jury duty.. it’s never 12 of your “peers”… it’s 12 people who were either too stupid to get out of it.. had nothing better to do or have an overly strong sense of duty..

  4. Love ’em both. Very serene feel to both of them, and i especially love that the sun itself is visible just there in the top shot.

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