One of the best beaches in the world!

The title above is bold and probably controversial as many readers will think…’no I have been to a better one here and there etc’, but I do believe I am qualified to make a statement like ‘The Basin at Rottnest Island would, in my opinion, be up there as one of the best beaches anywhere!

I have done a lot of travelling in my time for various reasons of both work and play and yet every time I would past the Basin at Rottnest Island, I think…’wow’ how beautiful is that! From the crystal clear water, to the natural harbour surrounded by a large limestone cliff looking down on the swimming beach to the reef lines adding interest to the beach, the Basin has it all!

Last week I picked up my new Zeis 21mm lense from Team digital and all of the recent posts have been shot with that lense. Impressively sharp to say the least!

12 thoughts on “One of the best beaches in the world!

  1. Mate…………………….

    I think out of all the Rottnest photos I’ve ever seen the top one sums up the spirit of Rotto the best. Big call I know. I hope that one is in the book.


  2. Sounds like a plan mate. I think the inclusion of people in this shot helps draw out the emotion of imagining I’m there. I’ve actually started to include people in some of my shots as it seems to help people connect to the scene. šŸ™‚


    1. It is a beautiful place for sure – and I agree with the comments about including people in an image (in fact anything living even seagulls). The human eye seems to be attracted to them, and it gives the image a “life” that is missing otherwise.

      Love the photos.

  3. Hi Mark,
    Great images of a special part of the world.
    Definately captures the feel and soul of the island. Wildlife, people and even seaguls all add to the feel. That said, perhaps you need to photoshop in a Great White to accurately reflect the current situation! šŸ™‚
    On a technical note, did you take multiple image stitches with the 21mm? If so, interested to see how you went with such a wide angle and stitching. Any issues?

    1. Very true Garry! I should perhaps photoshop in a Great White eh!

      The images are all single captures in this instance and cropped to look like a pano.

      I do stitch with my 17mm tilt shift quite successfully using the shift function, but not sure how you would go with a std wide angle as per the 21mm.

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