Aussy Lifestyle Photo Competition

If anyone out there would like to enter an online photo comp that could result in your image becoming a postage stamp, together with some other cool prizes, there is a comp out there that you can find here which is looking for images that show what Australia is all about.

You will find more details on the link above, but the competition closes on the 6th of December, so you will need to get a wriggle along!

The attached photo is what last years winner looked like to give you some inspiration!

Light painting a mates old Truck

I caught up with an old school mate a week or so ago and found that he was now full time restoring old cars and trucks, so I asked him if I could come over and light paint one of his creations.

Charlene came along as well to give me a hand and we had a great night.

It was also really good to catch up with Glenn Baker and his family as well.

The story behind this truck is that he originally did it up when he was 17 and back then the colour was bright yellow. Glenn won numerous awards for the pickup and then after he got married he sold it. A few years ago he managed to track it down and then he fully rebuilt it for the second time.

I just won 3rd prize in the International Loupe Awards for Mother’s Love! :)

I have just found out that I have taken 3rd prize in the Open International Loupe Awards in the Science and Nature category for the above image, Mothers Love!

May my day it has! šŸ™‚

You can see all the winners here.

‘Vineyard Bliss’

Here is another image taken at a friend of mine’s Vineyard.

Sunrise has only just happened and the resultant light was coming in like spot lights. The tree reflections in the water very much lured me to the location for the composition.

Hope you like it!

‘Evolved Lady’

A tired old lady was reborn today!

After a huge weekend from my team at Evolution Commercial, the newly evolved and recreated Harrietta went back to where she belongs…to the water….to do what she does so well, which is to be a very versatile shallow draft tug!

At 25 years old, and after being seriously let go through shere hard work with no time for refits, the Harrietta was a borderline case to either end up on the scrap heap, or to be resurrected. Her shallow draft versatility and excellent manoeuvrability saved her from the scrap heap and she has responded well to all the TLC she has received.

Interesting as well…after I did the time lapse on the Harrietta coming out on the old truck, with the faded red paint job, the owner of the truck gave the truck a birthday with a new paint job as well. The 2 old girls looked great sliding down the hill yesterday in all their glory, just like they used to do in their hay day!

We are working on a project at the moment which could end up with the opposite result for another aging but not so unique tug, whereby this time we will be scrapping her. For sure this unit has passed the use by date and will be put to rest. Stay tuned for more info on both the Harrietta as we go through the sea trial process and also on the final story on the other tug!

Canning Bridge Infinity and Boranup from a new perspective

The above 2 photos are of course totally unrelated, but they are the most recent I have worked on!

I scouted the Canning Bridge image a few weeks ago when I did the bridge shoot and I wanted to go back with my 50mm to get this shot. It has worked out quite well and I think the name infinity works for the image.

The Boranup Forrest shot was taken last weekend with Ian Wise from our trusty super tripod AKA the Cherry Picker!

Getting up above the forrest floor certainly brings some ‘new light’ to the forrest image…hope you like them!

3 Bronze and 1 Silver in the recent International Loupe Awards!

I recently entered the International Loupe Awards and managed to snare a few awards!

Silver for Mothers Love with a score of 87 points.

Bronze for the Carnac Stitch with a score of 80 points.

Bronze for the Busselton Jetty fireworks shot with a score of 79 points.

Bronze for the Pink Lake shot with a score of 79 points.

Pretty happy with those scores…..but..must try harder…need some Gold! šŸ™‚

Harrietta close to launch!

We are busier than ‘one armed brickies in Bahrain’ at the moment finishing off the refit of the Harrietta.

Charlene and Andrea came over last night and we experimented with some night painting and some other techniques with which we learned a fair bit.

This is a HDR I shot just before sunset that came out pretty well.

Back to the water on Sunday.

More images from the Down South shoot on the weekend.

Here are a few more images from the shoot that Ian Wise and I did on Saturday last.

The start of the day had great light and it just kept on keeping on…as they say!

The top image is of Dunsborough beach facing North, the next is Meelup and the last is an early morning view of a mates Vineyard.