Evolution transformation

At my boat building company, Evolution Commercial, we are coming to the close of a very cool project where we have transformed a very tired but well proven 24m Tug, called the Harrietta and owned by Bhagwan Marine, back to its hey day and we are now only about a week and a bit away from launch.

The Harrietta is very unique in that it is very shallow draft compared to other tugs, and very manoeuvrable due to the azimuth drive system, which means that the drives are Z drives and can be turned through a 360 degrees arc. She also has a solid bollard pull of about 25 tonnes. Put all of those attributes together and you have just about the perfect kit to appeal to the shallow draft requirements in our North West.

We stripped Harrietta back to bare steel, cut out all the corroded parts and reinstalled new steel, overhauled all the gear, rewired the entire boat, installed all new pipes, gutted the outfit and reinstalled a totally fresh new outfit and also fitted a new sweet of electronics…not to mention a full sand blast and repaint with a very detailed steel paint system.

The photos above show what Harrietta looked like coming up the hill to our workshop and what she looks like now after about 4 months of work.

I am very proud of my partner and team at Evolution for pulling off a very complicated and tough gig to the standards we have. The Bhagwan team are saying that the Harrietta will likely become the pride of the fleet from here on in, which is a huge step up from the very tired 25 yo over worked lady she was!

30 thoughts on “Evolution transformation

  1. Great work guys, she looked a bit worn in the timelapse but is now looking fantastic.

    Our mutual friend Charlene would be most pleased to say the least if you could find a way to have her shoot Harrietta 🙂

  2. OMG. She’s gorgeous. And Evolution’s done a ripper job.

    Are you going to take her for a test run soon? Can i come? Please?



    1. I didn’t realise there was a timelapse either. I reckon I got a teeny bit of a fix just watching it on the site: tandem heavy haulage + tug. Super!

      Please please please keep me posted on where and when. I am SO terribly, incredibly, outrageously keen.

      (in case it wasn’t evident already, hehe)

      1. Hi Charlene…well here is a mission for you! What about joining me next weekend to do the stills whilst I do the Timelapse of the return journey back to the water!

        I will also see what I can do about a sea trial as well!

  3. Mark

    These stories you tell are great – and they show the passion you have for the industry!

    Is there a timelapse somewhere or was Bo referring to the sequence of stills above?

  4. You could probably do some really cool abstract/artistic shots of these vessels under construction. Something with an industrial, altered landscape feel to it. Perhaps with some Joel Grimes style lighting (you have watched the tutorials, so I’m sure you know how to do that sort of thing by now) 🙂

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