South West Vineyard Sunrise

Well that was a big day!

I was up at 0330 this morning for a couple of commercial jobs for some mates and my good buddy Ian Wise came to the party and was a great help.

We pretty much shot all day today apart from a couple s of hours break at about 1400 and the conditions were pretty dam good I must say!

Here are the first 2 shots for the day. I have 16 gig more to go through! šŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “South West Vineyard Sunrise

  1. That’s a different perspective Mark! The “super tripod” sure helps these shots. I will send you a similar vineyard shot that I took from closer to ground level just for comparison.

    It was a great day playing around with your toy – it takes photography to a whole new level.

    I am still looking through mine – the Meelup shots look terrific and the cloud was amazing in those shots. I lost a lot of the Eagle Bay shots when my camera had its mishap – I had corrupted files on the SD card that got ejected. But apart from that and a ding in the filter on the lens I think everything is OK.

      1. The camera is fine. Apparently some bits fell off the card when the camera hit the ground because a few files are unreadable! (That’s my technical explanation). Since then no problems. The lens seems to have survived with no damage either. I have to admit my heart was in my mouth when I saw it starting to tip. They must both be made pretty well to have survived, although I will probably get the lens checked by Nikon.

  2. Love the top one. Definitely worth getting up early for. Not sure about the second one. I think it would have been better without that huge tree in the middle. Just my 2 cents…

  3. I wouldn’t mind a couple of days in one of those chalets to be sure šŸ™‚ Whereabouts is this place? Or can’t you say yet?

    Love your “bits fell off the card” explanation. Sounds like a trauamatic event!

      1. Sshh – don’t tell her that Mark – I have a couple of holiday houses I’ll rent to her instead!

        Charlene – Lightroom says on about a dozen images “premature end of file reached” so I guess it was the last part of the image that fell off the card! The wind blew over the tripod with camera and 70-200mm lens on it and it landed on hard gravel. Mark was up in the cherry picker and heard the crash from there. Everything is fine now thank goodness.

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