3 Bronze and 1 Silver in the recent International Loupe Awards!

I recently entered the International Loupe Awards and managed to snare a few awards!

Silver for Mothers Love with a score of 87 points.

Bronze for the Carnac Stitch with a score of 80 points.

Bronze for the Busselton Jetty fireworks shot with a score of 79 points.

Bronze for the Pink Lake shot with a score of 79 points.

Pretty happy with those scores…..but..must try harder…need some Gold! šŸ™‚

33 thoughts on “3 Bronze and 1 Silver in the recent International Loupe Awards!

    1. Thanks Mikie Mike! I try pretty hard eh…must get better!

      and Paul, I was zoomed right in at 300mm mate and was a long way away, hence the nice bockie…not sure if that’s the spelling either! šŸ™‚

  1. Well done mate, I reckon you were robbed of Gold with Mother’s love, as that is a Gold image for sure my friend.

    1. Hey Rod, thanks mate…I can’t sing for shit that’s for sure!:)

      I have had a crack at most things and when I get into something I go hard!

      I also hate losing which helps to get where I want to be!:)

      1. It says something for perseverance too. After nearly ten years, I finally pulled off the “Travel Photographer of the Year” at the ASTW Awards. It helps to have fabulous subject matter too – like the fantastic Kimberley! BTW, your photo should be in AFR Luxe magazine TODAY!

        1. Well done Rod…that it a huge achievement!

          I would like to see a scanned copy of the article if it’s not too much trouble.

          You are right about perseverance as well!

          At 70 jumps I got a Bronze in the WA skydiving 4 way freefall comp.

          The next year I got silver and then for 8 years in a row we got gold in 4 way, 8 way and 16 way and we also won medals at the Nationals!

          Stay focused, be the best that you can be and learn from your piers!

    1. I was just looking at this pic a few hours ago and now its placed 3rd in the Loupes. Well done! Really fab pic.

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