Harrietta close to launch!

We are busier than ‘one armed brickies in Bahrain’ at the moment finishing off the refit of the Harrietta.

Charlene and Andrea came over last night and we experimented with some night painting and some other techniques with which we learned a fair bit.

This is a HDR I shot just before sunset that came out pretty well.

Back to the water on Sunday.

19 thoughts on “Harrietta close to launch!

  1. It is really gorgeous Mark, the HDR is so understated it looks natural and the light is just beautiful on a tuff beautiful tugboat.

    (one tiny suggestion. Image seems a bit tall from the 17mm tilt shift, a bit stretched vertically)

      1. Thanks Flembotaruny! I am getting pretty good at doing these HDR’s now and have done heaps that I have not posted awaiting models to be put in front of them!

        I have probably done at least 50 or more around Freo and the bridges and really very much enjoying the process and the results. Done right they can look really good!

        1. Cool, will be interesting to see buddy.

          There’s no substitute for having the model on location though. Although Joel Grimes stuff is very well done and it some cases looks sort of natural, it is not my thing I must admit. Don’t like that pasted on a background look much.

          (more tomorrow incl. emails etc, gotta rest)

  2. Thanks Graham…it is sort of working like that, but after they spend a few Million with me I am not inclined to charge them for photos!

    It just adds to the benefits of what services we can offer!

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