‘Evolved Lady’

A tired old lady was reborn today!

After a huge weekend from my team at Evolution Commercial, the newly evolved and recreated Harrietta went back to where she belongs…to the water….to do what she does so well, which is to be a very versatile shallow draft tug!

At 25 years old, and after being seriously let go through shere hard work with no time for refits, the Harrietta was a borderline case to either end up on the scrap heap, or to be resurrected. Her shallow draft versatility and excellent manoeuvrability saved her from the scrap heap and she has responded well to all the TLC she has received.

Interesting as well…after I did the time lapse on the Harrietta coming out on the old truck, with the faded red paint job, the owner of the truck gave the truck a birthday with a new paint job as well. The 2 old girls looked great sliding down the hill yesterday in all their glory, just like they used to do in their hay day!

We are working on a project at the moment which could end up with the opposite result for another aging but not so unique tug, whereby this time we will be scrapping her. For sure this unit has passed the use by date and will be put to rest. Stay tuned for more info on both the Harrietta as we go through the sea trial process and also on the final story on the other tug!

12 thoughts on “‘Evolved Lady’

  1. She looks fantastic, well done gents. Last shot is brilliant–very cool that they painted Mack as well so she’d look her best for the big day šŸ™‚ Look forward to more Evolution tug boat action, surely Charlene is cooking up more blog posts as well.

    1. Charlene was in her element yesterday mate! No doubt at all that she will be absolutely bathing in tug boat images as we speak!

      The time lapse has epicness incorporated written all over it mate!

      Just need to get over a few hurdles and need to phone a friend! šŸ™‚

  2. That last shot of Harrietta head on is a beauty. 4.30 am job?

    @Flemming, at the moment I’m just staring at the hundreds of shots I have (which include a fair few of the Evolution yard and shed – love the environment, it’s supremely photogenic, although Mark might be shaking his head?) wondering where I start. I swear tug + heavy haulage is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Where have i been all my life?!

    @Mark, when Harrietta’s sea trial happens, you’ll really see me in my element. Which means I’ll still be running around like a caffeinated chook, but with the added element of having a stupid grin on my face the whole time (not just some of it). Heh.

    1. As I said yesterday, having done two of these ship + heavy haulage and visited Evolution a few times I totally understand your addiction to all things “sea, ships and boats etc”. It is very, very cool and interesting!

      Markie, please shoot some snapshots of the caffeinated chook in action, I presume you will need a fast shutter speed to capture her at all, she will be moving at light speed šŸ™‚

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