Early light at Thompsons Bay, Rottnest

A few days ago I went for a very early morning stroll into Thompson’s Bay to see what i could get without people milling around everywhere and by early I mean early!

0415 up and then a 20 minute walk to the settlement!

We had an awesome start to the day this morning as well actually. At 0400 there was not a cloud in the sky but everything was dripping wet with dew. As soon as the sun rose, there were instant clouds and quite different from the norm.

I shot over to Jordie for the early morning shoot this morning and I think I have some winners in there…..stay tuned for those soon!

More images from Rottnest Island

Here are a few more images from Rottnest that have caught my eye over the last few days.

The bent signpost made for an unusual look and as I was drifting around it looking for a composition, these 2 cute swallows decided they wanted to be in the shot…bless their little hearts! šŸ™‚

A nicely decorated pine tree in Thompsons made a nice bit of foreground interest and an Xmas feel as well.

The pub jetty had an awesome cloud over it and some nice soft early morning light.

The weather over at Rottnest this year has been the best that I can remember for a long time. The Easterlies have not been too strong, nor have the Southerlies…very relaxing!

I hope you are having fun where ever you are!

Ozbrero hats

One of the enterprizing deckhands on the True North has started a new venture where he is selling Ozbrero hats and also a great natural sunscreen product, as well as Ozbrero water bottles. I have not road tested the sunscreen or the water bottles, but knowing Cookie like I do, I am sure they will be of high quality.

He did however give me one of the hats to try out and today I ventured out around Rottnest on a photo shoot. So I sunscreened up and donned the Ozbrero hat and off I went for a couple of hours as some thundery clouds were developing, to see what I could get.

The hat works a treat. It gives a lot more protection than a peak cap for your ears, neck and the side of your face, it has a very comfortable next strap which I found was not needed as the hat sat on my head without every feeling like it might blow off and also it managed to stay in shape whilst punching into the wind.

All in all, I think Cookie is on a winner with this one and for anyone who spends lots of time in the sun, I think these hats will make a great alternative to anything else I have seen.

I think they are especially suited to fishing.

You can see Cookie’s website here.

Rottnest Sunset images

As you would have seen on some of the blogs from yesterday, there was a pretty cool sunset last night and one of my more favorite images from last night was actually pre-sunset looking back to Perth. There was an unusual grey cloud with an array of straight and coloured light beams creating a very unusual effect in the sky.

The final hoorah out to the west was a very fiery end to the day out over the Western Lighthouse.

Rottnest Raft up

Every year on Boxing Day there is a huge raft up of boat and revellers in various parts of Rottnest Island.

This year was no exception and at 1400, when these shots were taken, everyone was indeed enjoying themselves and were very much on the way to being well ‘primed’!

I always get a giggle out of some of the innovative ideas I see when cruising around things like this. You will note the shot of the 2 guys on blow up seats with their beers. Have a look at the rope around one of their ankles. They had worked out that by tying a long rope to their legs they could ensure not to float off with the strong sea breeze and yet get far enough out away from the noise a little bit!

It is very worthwhile snorkelling there the next day picking up all of the lost sunnies etc that become part of the casualties of all the revelling!

Rottnest is certainly turning on the weather for us this year with a classic 2 days so far!

Merry Xmas everyone!

I have a regular bunch of mates that I ride around the river with on Saturday mornings if I am in town and this morning we adopted the Xmas theme.

I was actually quite surprised at how many others were out there with their own versions of Xmas and for sure it was a nice way to lead into Xmas on a casual ride with a few good mates!

Merry Xmas everyone!

Whilst driving past one of the creeks in Broome I noticed a yacht using its ability to beach itself during the high tidal range that happens in the Kimberley.

When I first saw the yacht it was high and dry sitting up on its twin keels and rudders. By the time I returned which would have been less than an hour later, the yacht was almost floating again!

It is easy to see how people get caught in these areas and end up high and dry by not reading the tide correctly!

Cable Beach Broome

We were fortunate enough to spend the last weekend at Cable Beach resort in Broome and also managed to capture a couple of panos of the very famous Cable Beach.

Cable Beach would arguably be up there as one of the best beaches in Australia and it has it all going on all day long. From the huge tide range which constantly changes the look of the beach, to the amazing sunsets, to the numerous activities you can do on the beach.

Activities include nude sun baking, swimming, surfing, beach fishing, camel rides and the list goes on!

What is also curious about Cable Beach is the crab activity. At low tides the crabs send out these little balls all over the beach make the magic patterns in the top image.

The second image was taken just before sunrise on Sunday morning.