Luscernque Island and Jacquinot Bay waterfalls

Another action day in PNG today on True North. We arrived in Jacquinot Bay and were welcomed into a fantastic sing sing and show by the local school here.

Then over to a great waterfall just down the way for a very refreshing swim and interaction with some of the local elders and kids.

The elders and some of the kids were the best porters I have ever had. They insisted on carrying all of my kit and we went to both sides of the waterfall through some intense jungle. They were really interested in the process of compositions and keen to see the result and I must say that they were onto the various angles that worked!

The hunter in the second image was one of 2 brothers living on the beautiful and very remote Luscernque Islands. We dropped of a few fish for them and left them some rice.

If you look closely on the left hand side of the Luscernque Pano you can see the thatched hut that they were calling home for a few weeks. The fishing out there is very good which is the attraction to paddle over there from their home island which is a few islands further east.

We finished the day with another cracker dive and managed to play with a big turtle and had a 2.5 metre Bronze Whaler come into play as well.

Off to Rabaul tomorrow for some volcano action…whoohoo!

8 thoughts on “Luscernque Island and Jacquinot Bay waterfalls

  1. Cool shots Mark, love the island, it looks awesome.

    Hey can I ask what are you doing to the people in the shots? Are you using your fill flash or or have you edited them in aka Joel Grimes style? I just think they look just a touch fake that’s all. Just trying to figure out what it is that your doing.

    1. Just using fill flash Andrea….haven’t seen a need to do the Joel Grimes tricks up here actually!

      The colour of their skin sucks out so much light that if you don’t pop them a fair bit you just don’t get anything much to work with!

      Might try to tone it down.

      1. I thought it was flash but I wasn’t sure, you need to learn to use it manually ya slack bugger LOL. No seriously but have a play with it set manually, it’s really easy and start with whatever stating point that you like and you’ll soon see whether you need a bit more or less and you just dial in what you want. If you cut it back just a bit you’ll find it looks more natural.

  2. Awesome pictures! So, I hear the Jacquinot Bay waterfall crashes directly into the ocean. Do you have any pictures that illustrate this?

    1. Indeed I do Sean…I will work one up for you and post it tomorrow. It is such a cool place with the icy cold water coming out of the mountain mixing with the 29 degrees C warm waters of the ocean. The fresh water is extremely refreshing.

      Thanks for dropping by.

    2. If you go to this link Sean, you will see another angle that works pretty well, but I do have one from the waterfall looking out that I will post tomorrow as well.


      True North Mark

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