Cyclone battered old Queenslander

Whilst cruising around the Cairns area near Tully, I came across this old QLDer that was obviously belted around by recent cyclones in the area. It will take years for the rainforest down that way to recover and you can very much see just how bad it must have been in these parts.

I particularly like the stained glass windows left in this old house and the overall character it still has.

10 thoughts on “Cyclone battered old Queenslander

  1. It’s about 20km north west of Cairns CBD.. I’ll find some directions for you.. Also Trinity Beach is a must visit for dawn photography. I last shot it on 20th October 2002.. I know the date because I broke my back later that same day and ended up in Cairns Base Hospital..

  2. Awesome shot Mark, I love it. Cairns is a great place, I so want to get back there. Well I should say I don’t like Cairns itself but it has lot’s of great places within close proximity. Hope you get lot’s of great shots.

    1. Very true Andrea…just went out to Behana Gorge in the end today which was very nice!

      Paul, my mate who has lived here reckons that Chrystal Cascades are also nice but very crowded this time of year. We had Behana to ourselves all morning!

      Yes indeed Neal, there are a few, but this was the best I have seen thus far.

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