Rottnest Raft up

Every year on Boxing Day there is a huge raft up of boat and revellers in various parts of Rottnest Island.

This year was no exception and at 1400, when these shots were taken, everyone was indeed enjoying themselves and were very much on the way to being well ‘primed’!

I always get a giggle out of some of the innovative ideas I see when cruising around things like this. You will note the shot of the 2 guys on blow up seats with their beers. Have a look at the rope around one of their ankles. They had worked out that by tying a long rope to their legs they could ensure not to float off with the strong sea breeze and yet get far enough out away from the noise a little bit!

It is very worthwhile snorkelling there the next day picking up all of the lost sunnies etc that become part of the casualties of all the revelling!

Rottnest is certainly turning on the weather for us this year with a classic 2 days so far!

14 thoughts on “Rottnest Raft up

  1. I hope you guys had a great Chrissy Mark.

    Glad to see that you included a bit of eye candy for us girls, although next time I’d like to request some close ups of the buff blokes. LOL

    1. Holy hell there were a lot of people in one small area! Hope you and yours had a great Christmas, Mark. Here’s to 2012!

      (and yes, +1 on eye candy appreciation for us girls)

  2. Nice bit of eye-candy there for the boys as well! Reminds me of some of the raft ups we used to have on the overnight backpacker trips we do here in the Whitsundays! ( before the fun police arrived) πŸ™‚
    Hope you had a great Chrissy Mark!

    1. Merv…I think ANYTHING is better than harvesting and fixing punctures in 36c heat…..merry christmas by the way, hope you had a good one! Big hugs from Latvia xx

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