More Rottnest colours

The long weekend presented a number of photo opportunities over at Rottnest with an array of colour pallets appearing and then evolving as the evening drew to a close.

These colours were of particular attraction to me as they were so vibrant leading up to the more traditional sunset colours.

The tiny little yacht coming into the bay made for a nice sense of scale to the scene.

Not long after this shot 4 rev heads went belting past at about 50 knots which totally broke the mood!

I am sure our yachties out there would have been mumbling a few words under their breaths!

Flemming Bo Jensen to be at the open night at Camera Solutions

For those of you who know Flemming Bo Jensen: aka, Flembot, Flembotaruny, Bo, Worldwide man of mystery and many other names!

Flemming will be there for the open day at Camera Solutions on the 24th of February at 1730 for the photo shoot around Perth and also for the open night and pizza at 1930.

This will be a good opportunity to catch up with Flemming before he returns back to Denmark.

Photo Shoot and Introduction to Camera Solutions In Perth


Last year I organised a couple of photo shoots with other bloggers and keen photographers. One was around Fremantle and the other was out to Garden Island on my boat

The next one will be in Perth and there are going to be some added benefits that could well entice a few more to come along!

Peta North from Camera Solutions at Shop 2, 159-161 Murrary Street Mall, has very kindly agreed to have a Pizza night at their shop with some refreshments as well. The date is the 24th of February.

So, the format will be to meet at the shop by 1730 and then we will do a walk around Perth for a photo shoot for those who are interested in doing a shoot around Perth.

We will get back to Camera Solutions by 1930 at which time Peta has arranged for a number of Industry reps to be there from Nikon, Canon and Manfrotto to name a few. If you don’t want to do the walk around, feel free to meet us at the shop at 1930 to get your VIP card and also hear what Camera Solutions has to offer.

We will then hear from Peta about the details of VIP cards.

Camera Solutions has a quality service culture and they want to support their serious photographers by way of offering a VIP card which will both offer discounted prices when buying gear, but will also guarantee you VIP service when you phone or visit the store.

There will be opportunities to meet the industry reps and ask all of those questions about what is coming out etc…no guarantees you will get the answers…but the reps will be there to have a chat with in any case!

Who should attend:

Anyone who owns a camera really and anyone who would like to know more about photography and who would like to find our where you can buy camera gear and be guaranteed to be supported as you would be expect to be from a company that has been in the game for around 40 years.

So come along and have some fun, meet the reps and get your VIP card…what have you got to lose….see you there!

True North Mark

The Build Up

This scene is what I would normally expect to see on True North in places like theKimberley and PNG, but no it was taken at Rottnest just before the Australia Day sunset.

The cloud build up was the precursor to the lightning show we were treated to later that evening, or at least what my guests were treated to whilst I was cooking dinner!

Another hot night in paradise with a beautiful start to the day…now should I go for a surf or a dive…decisions decisions! 🙂

Australia Day Sunset at Rottnest


Australia Day at Rottnest Island, on board the good boat Polaris. The sun smiling it’s bright hot rays complimented by a warm easterly wind, and the temperature hovering around 40c degrees. The clear, beautiful and refreshing ocean playing host to some superb surf, swimming, diving and snorkelling. All taking place under the bluest of skies. The skiest of skies. The bluest of blue. We can almost reach out and grab perfection.


Come sunset  dramatic clouds and lightning entered, to bookend this particularly beautiful Australia Day. Taking a run at the clouds were Peta North, Flemming and I. All the man-made fireworks in the world is no match for Mother Nature’s sunset and lightning bolts. I make this picture, hoping to do Mother Nature’s lightship justice, freezing a  beautiful moment in time.

Stairway to the Moon

The statement, ‘Stairway to the Moon’ evokes a lot of emotion and often fond memories of places like Broome where the moon reflections on the mudflats create a stairway of light to the moon.

When I saw this statue on the weekend, it certainly evoked some intrigue within me and off the back of that intrigue, I played around and created this composition.

To me the little guys are on a mission to get somewhere…and why not shoot for the moon!

Kissing Cousins!!!

Over the years I have spent a fair bit of time with Horses and even was employed as a riding instructor and trail guide at Rottnest back in the early 70’s and I never get tired of watching their antics, especially between other horses.

That was a really cool way to see Rottnest I can tell you!

These 2 were having a good old nuzzle for quite a few minutes.