Jacquinot Bay water fall and ‘here’s lookin at ya’!

The top image is for Sean from yesterday’s comment on my blog as he was asking to see more of the waterfall at Jacquinot Bay in PNG. This shot was taken right next to the waterfall that flows out of the mountain side with freezing cold fresh water. As you can see it flows out to a sand bar and then around to the right where it flows out to sea.

It makes for a great water ride and many of the guests did a few runs floating down the river.

The bottom shot is of a Toucan pet at the Nusa surf village in Kevieng. This friendly little takka was all about and was constantly checking us out with those big eyes of his!

4 thoughts on “Jacquinot Bay water fall and ‘here’s lookin at ya’!

    1. Hey little buddy…happy new year to you as well mate!

      Were your ears burning?

      I just put your name down for an invite on True North for past pax on the 31st of Jan!

  1. I can vouch for the waterfall and the great water ride with the flow out to sea, I needed to get a ride back to the start in a kids dugout after.
    The water was really cold and a shock when you reached the warm sea water.
    Was so busy having fun I missed out on the walk Mark did to get this shot.

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