The Endeavour replica leaves Perth via Rottnest

I went out for a photo shoot just before lunch at Rottnest and on my return I looked up and saw this little gem sailing by, so I jumped into my trusty True North tender and shot out there to get some shots.

I initially thought it was the Duyfkin but after looking at the Duyfkin site I think that the Duyfkin is considerably smaller.

I have since found out that it is the Endeavour thanks to my blogging mates and troops on Facebook!

It was a bit of a handful out there trying to drive the tender and get the shots…but I managed to get a few off!

I am also pretty sure I saw Colin from Birds Eye View out there in his trusty heli…I got a friendly wave from someone inside the heli, so pretty sure it would have been Colin…gidday if it was!

Don’t these old replicas look just so majestic on the sea with all their sails out!

7 thoughts on “The Endeavour replica leaves Perth via Rottnest

  1. What a fantastic ship. Thats a great shot that does it justice. Must have been interesting trying to handle the tender and the camera!

    Its a pity we don’t see it more often in Fremantle where it was built.


    1. Indeed it is Ian and I agree that it should spend more time here.

      They look so majestic with all their sails up.

      It was a fair way offshore so even getting to her was a mission!

      Never mind trying hold the tender steady enough to get the shots!

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