Ooh that’s good!

Lee and I went down south to stay with some friends on their horse stud this weekend and had a ball.

As I drove past this young colt he was lying down and just as I took my camera out he decided to roll in his sand patch.

Some amazing statues have been strategically placed around the place and this perspective caught my eye at sunset on Saturday.

8 thoughts on “Ooh that’s good!

  1. Mark, Great capture with the colt. I have been dying to get a shot like this for a while now. Good to see some animals on the blog. What lens did you photograph the young colt with?

    1. Thanks Leigh. It was a bit lucky really as I stopped initially because he was lying down. As soon as I got the camera set up he then put on the show for me…very cool! Shot with my 28-200.

  2. Wouldn’t want to come across that statue on a dark, stormy night… šŸ˜€ That picture of the horse having a roll is a good one for Monday morning. Love watching horses having a good roll in the dust. I imagine plenty of humans would like to do something as spontaneous and feel-good, save it’s not polite in our world šŸ˜€

  3. Cant wait to get down south again.
    The capture of the horse is beautiful…….love the dust a great sense of movement

    Nice morning shot


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