Kissing Cousins!!!

Over the years I have spent a fair bit of time with Horses and even was employed as a riding instructor and trail guide at Rottnest back in the early 70’s and I never get tired of watching their antics, especially between other horses.

That was a really cool way to see Rottnest I can tell you!

These 2 were having a good old nuzzle for quite a few minutes.

4 thoughts on “Kissing Cousins!!!

  1. Not into horses, but many are and they would probably love it.
    However I do think the look in the eye of the one on the left is funny 🙂
    Nice paparazzi work there Quickdraw !

  2. Omg you used to be a riding instructor? That is way cool! Is there anything you haven’t done?

    I was a horse mad kid/teenager. Singapore is totally the wrong place to have that particular obsession though. The only horses we had were the racing kind, and riding school mounts for the very privileged.

    1. No, there is not a lot I haven’t done Charlene and that’s because I set out as a teenager to experience as much as I could and managed to do most things and reach a reasonable level of competence as well. I think during my Skydiving days I found the thing that I was most suited to though and the activity where I reached the highest levels.

      The good part about getting to a reasonable level at most fun things at an early age is that at my age now, I can still go back and do them because I don’t have the ‘old dog’ syndrome going on!

      Glad you liked the shot Charlene!

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