Flemming Bo Jensen to be at the open night at Camera Solutions

For those of you who know Flemming Bo Jensen: aka, Flembot, Flembotaruny, Bo, Worldwide man of mystery and many other names!

Flemming will be there for the open day at Camera Solutions on the 24th of February at 1730 for the photo shoot around Perth and also for the open night and pizza at 1930.

This will be a good opportunity to catch up with Flemming before he returns back to Denmark.

8 thoughts on “Flemming Bo Jensen to be at the open night at Camera Solutions

  1. Mate, if you reckon I should be at Camera Solutions, I’ll be there. It’ll be a bonus to see one of the Volcano Pioneers there, too. 🙂

    Plus I can ask Peta when the mighty D4 arrives! And what she’s heard about the D800 – rumoured announcement next month, too.

    1. Perhaps I should have said, given the arrival of the International Man of Mystery, that it will be a bonus to reconvene a meeting of all of the Volcano Pioneers!

  2. Hmm not sure whether this will attract or scare away my amigos from the event – I look a fright in that image, very very early in the Kimberleys, haven’t had time to get my pretty face on 🙂

    (I also notice I am shooting timelapse in this image, good call at 5am, one can just sit down and sleep while the camera clicks away).

    Look forward to the event, see you there amigos.

    1. Dude, you just can’t stand straight in photos can you? Gotta do the old anti-grav lean just to remind us of your origins 😉

      Nice footwear too!

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