HBF Rottnest swim start 2012


Early Saturday morning Flemming Bo Jensen and I set out to see what we could get for the HBF Rottnest Island swim start.

Whilst Flemming was doing a great job of focusing on the close proximity compositions, I was focusing on the bigger picture images in readiness for our up and coming Rottnest Island book we are doing in conjunction with Peta North.

Just before sunrise we had an awesome display of colours which prompted me to have a crack at a 9 image stitch, which I think worked well to show all of the different things that were going on in this arena of anticipation, excitement and expectation.

By the way…see if you can spot Flemming! I will give you a hint…he’s on the right hand side!


A night out with a Harley!

I am pleased to report that I now have my lappy back and I am back on line…whoo hoo!

On Thursday evening a few keen photogs and a work mate cruised up to Lancelin for a light painting shoot and we had a cracker of a time.

On board were Steve Buchanan (the model), Flemming Bo Jensen, aka Flembot, Sven, Flembotaruny and ‘international man of mystery’, Peta North, the lovely Charlene, Nigel and Glenn Baker…’the cabinet maker’!

We were treated to a very cool sunset with just the right amount of cloud cover to give a nice soft light and some background drama.

Steve was a natural model and it was good to see him outside of his comfort zone!

Peta and Nigel…aka flash kings and queens were all over the scene for a while there with the numerous flash toys that Peta had to choose from and then after dark we set about do ing some light painting.

The resultant light painting image is a blend of 25 images.

We set off back to Perth at about 2200 which got me home at about midnight. I felt both excited and tired all at once

Camera Solutions VIP cards

Thanks to everyone who came along to Camera Solutions on Friday evening.

It was a good turn out and a great night.

Thanks also to Peta and Paul North for their hospitality.

Paul asked me to put a post up to say that anyone who didn’t make it, to either drop by the shop or call him and he will give you or mail you a VIP card.

The cards will enable you to receive discounts when buying gear and also VIP service when visiting the shop.

A number of photons bought gear on the night, so the discounts on offer are obviously generous.

If you are wondering why I haven’t posted any images lately it is because my lappy crashed on Friday and is in at the doctors!

Not a good month for electrical goods for me!

Also I am Man Flu and everyone knows how serious that is eh!

I have some cool stuff to work up when I do get my lappy back including, a night shoot with a mate of mine on his Harley, the start and finish of the Rotto Swim and also a cool storm shot that went by Rotto last night.

Reminder about Camera Solutions Evening and Photo Shoot on Friday evening

Just a quick reminder that the photo shoot around Perth City and the introduction to Camera Solutions is happening this Friday evening.

If you want to do the walk around Perth with Myself and other bloggers and Photogs, meet at Camera Solutions at 1730.

If you would just like to come along to the Camera Solutions evening to meet Peta North and her team then meet us back there at 1930.

Camera Solutions are putting on some Pizza and light refreshments and will be handing out VIP cards to all who attend that will entitle the card holder to a number of privileges, including discounts, that will be explained on the night.

There will also be a draw for a free print on the evening for your favourite photo.

….and last but not least, the come along to meet, or catch up with our Danish International Man of Mystery, Flemming Bo Jensen!

Flemming is a freelance photographer and journalist who has been travelling the world for the last 3 years and along the way he has been to amazing places and done heaps of cool stuff.

The Address is:

 Camera Solutions at Shop 2, 159-161 Murrary Street Mall.

I am also pleased to announce that my new best mate will also be there as Peta tells me that my new 5DMK2 is in town and I pick her up tonight…whoohoo!

So, I hope you can make it. We will have some fun as we always do! I look fwd to seeing you all there on the night.


True North Mark

New commercial side to my website

I have been doing quite a few commercial shoots of late on request from associates and word of mouth etc, so I thought I would amend the website to show that side of my capabilities.

You can see the new page of the website here.

I quite enjoy these sort of shoots and the challenge of showcasing such properties in the best possible way utilising my landscape skills.

Thanks to Flemming Bo Jensen for putting it together for me!

These and a number of the other house images are of a close friend of mine’s business, Imperial Homes. Very nicely designed and finished homes and cleverly done to make the most of the available space on the block.

You can see more of Imperial’s work on their website linked below on the blog.

The rebirth of the Harrietta

After 10 months of total refit, the Harrietta, owned by Bhagwan Marine, is now back in service and has been brought back to an as new condition

I shot a timelapse sequence of the final outfit and the launch which has just been edited and posted on Vimeo by Flemming Bo Jensen.

There were some long hours in those final weekends and even for yours truly who was on the end of the high pressure washer on the anchor chain you will see getting fed back into the chain lockers.

Thanks for the editing Flemming!

You can see the video here.

Goodbye to my 1Ds!

I had a bit of a mishap on the weekend which resulted in the demise of my beloved Canon 1D s MK3.

We have been through a lot together and let me tell you, this camera has been put through its paces like none other and has come up trumps every time. It has carried on shooting in the wettest of wet conditions, in the dustiest of dusty and in the most humid conditions on the planet and it never ever let me down.

The demise of my good and reliable mate now paves the way for a new adventure with who knows which team and it is indeed exciting times for anyone looking at acquiring a camera. The specs on the new Nikons are impressive to say the least, but I have had such a good run out of my Canon I will for sure be waiting to see what Canon have up their sleeve as I am sure an announcement is imminent off the back of the release of the new Nikon.

I have never owned a bit of kit like the 1Ds that so easily becomes an extension of me.

A big thanks to some wonderful people for their support through this trying time: the lovely Peta North from Camera Solutions and to Flemming Bo Jensen for allowing me to use his kit today for a commercial shoot….thanks troops!

So, for a little while my posting might be a little slow as I assess the way fwd for my camera kit for the future, so bare with me.

As I assess the way fwd for myself, I will post the thought process for those who are interested as I know for sure that there are many of you out there are also wondering…’where to from here’!


Fremantle colours

The above 2 images were from the start of the Stragglers sunset evening and the end of the evening at Cicerellos and for those of you who haven’t been down there lately, the night reflections have been changed somewhat with the advent of the ferris wheel.

I must say that the quality of the seafood at Kailis was also very good and it was indeed a pleasant way to spend an evening whilst the sunset turned it on for us.

Mewstone Island Sunset

I was polishing my boat with Flemming last night when we saw a very tropical sunset developing, so we decided to hightail it out to Mewstone Island just near the Straggler Rocks to chase the sunset and we weren’t disappointed!

Here a few images from the island and our escape back home.

I navigated the whole way there with a Navtronics GPS app on my Iphone which I downloaded for about $80! It is amazing how far technology has come these days!

It was such a balmy night we decided to cruise into Kailis for some fish and chips which Flemming thought was an extra special treat! I great way to spend an evening for sure.

I will put some shots up from the evening side of things later!