A step back in Time!


I went out on a light painting shoot this evening with Flemming Bo Jensen and Paul Pitchuin to reshoot my old school buddy’s, Glenn Baker’s beautifully refurbished pick up.

When I last shot this truck it was in his shed, but we both agreed the bright blue would work very well with a rustic industrial background.

Fortunately Glenn used to work at this industrial mineral factory and was able to gain us access for the shoot.

With the remnants of Cyclone Iggy coming down the coast it made for some dramatic skies, but it also made it a little challenging working between rain showers.

Glenn has always looked like he should have been around in the 50’s and nothing has changed since we were lads! As I mentioned in my last post with this truck, Glenn originally refurbished it back when he was 17 and back then it was bright yellow.

When he had a family, he sold it and only recently he set about finding it again, bought it back and then fully rebuilt the old girl one last time!

He and the pick up look like they have just come through a time warp and are here straight from the 50’s!

Thanks to the Flembot for the help and to Paul for bringing your lights and joining in the fun!

The shot is the result of 40 images blended together!

24 thoughts on “A step back in Time!

  1. Very good my friend, looks really good. I think you can tinker with it a bit more, which I know you will, and really make it shine. The light on Glenn is awesome (well it would be, I held the light!) but perhaps even a tad bright compared to the scene. The light on the – amazingly gorgeous piece of art truck! – is very even but also a bit flat. I think it could do with some highlights and shadows. Really good, with a bit of work, it’ll be awesome. I’d be tempted to play with a crop as well, for me looking at it now, it’s a bit loose. Details, to create the final masterpiece 🙂

    This was one fun filled evening of lighting and light painting, thanks Mark, Paul and Glenn. I shot a natural light portrait of Glenn, and some behind-the-scenes shot and will post them one day.

    Glenn btw is one cool cat, and has the most amazing face and expression. He should play a hard-hitting detective in some film-noir crime thriller. He could drive around in the blue truck in white shoes and solve crimes!

      1. Looking at it again, we should have flipped the whole scene as the Tombstone logo is on the other side of the truck! It’s amazing the things you miss when on set, the trick is I guess with experience to notice these things on set.

  2. Wow! that’s a really nice image with a lot of interest and beautiful colour and expressive Glen. Very wide angle given the distortion in those silo things in background?
    I’m intrigued about the 40 shot’s? I’m guessing it’s dynamic range-related rather than focus stacked but really keen to hear the concept you used.

  3. Hi Mal, thanks for that…but I think I need to ‘tweek’ it a bit for the final version!

    Essentially what we do, is to light paint various areas with the camera solid on a tri pod.

    We then pull the images on top of each other and change the blend mode to lighten which only brings in the light parts of the image.

    So we ensure that we cover all the areas we want painted during the shoot and then choose the images that has the best light in order to give the effect we want.

    When done right it gives the image a real 3D feel about it.

  4. Looking good Mark, your certainly getting there arent’ you?

    I agree with Flemming though with about the shadows and highlights etc just so that it looks more real. To mean it looks like Glenn and the truck are dropped in so I suppose it’s just finding that balance, then again that may be what your after too.

  5. Mark

    That is impressive. The location suits the truck better than the shed where you shot the truck previously. The reworked version is a definite improvement – the tighter crop helps enormously.


  6. Nice work Mark
    Really good job on the lighting (both Glen and truck). On the finished image, personally I would have liked to see a tad more of the dramatic sky as a backdrop…. but that is such a minor nit-pick.

    Looks like a fun shoot.


    1. A tick from the master means a lot…thanks mate and you were my inspiration!

      The lighting came from a BP floura in an olive oil can!

      Just finished the inverter set up yesterday actually and it works a treat!

      We are off on another night shoot with some Harley dudes at the lancelin Sand dunes on Thursday…should be cool so stay tuned!

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