14 thoughts on “Last light at Fays Bay Rottnest Island

    1. Thanks for the comments Troops…it would appear I have a horizon to straighten!

      Unlikely to be attributed to alcohol Armand as I don’t drink at all…have an allergy to it!

      The Flembot got some really cool shots of us in action…now they’re gonna be gold, gold, gold!:)

  1. Very cool, this is my favorite of the Fays Bay shots. Nice subtle rays from the sunset. I was just about to comment on the horizon, but I see that others have already pointed that out. Since it was taken on Australia day I’m assuming that can be attributed to the consumption of some alcoholic beverages before/during the photo shoot šŸ™‚

  2. Nice shot Mark, but I’m not sure if you’ve added in the “Jesus Rays”, as they’re apparently called. If they’re real, fine, but I’m not sure they are.

    1. Hi Jamie,

      An interesting comment which opens the door for an interesting discussion!

      The image has had quite a lot of positive feedback which means the image has appealed to people’s emotions enough to prompt comment.

      Is there a difference if the rays have been added or not if the image does end up appealing to said emotions?

      As an example some of Christian’s finest works have additional features added. Does that make the image a lesser image even if it appeals?

      I look fwd to your comments Jamie…thanks for the feedback as well.

      1. Mark, it is only my opinion. What appeals to one person doesn’t mean it works for the next. All I was saying is that the image to me would look fine without the fake rays. It just looks too fake for me, but like I said, that’s only my opinion. It doesn’t matter if the rays have been added or not, but if they look natural it is different. I don’t think we can go comparing to other peoples images. I know photoshop is a big part of photography now, but if something doesn’t look right, or natural, it takes it away from the photo, for me anyway.

      1. I am happy with the image as is Jamie, but I thank you for your comments.

        You would be pretty happy with the D800 announcement would you not Jamie? Even I am considering jumping to Nikon at the mo if canon don’t pull a rabbit out of the hat!

        1. Little bit disappointed actually, thought they may have put the D3x sensor in this camera, and keep the 36mp sensor for a pro body!!

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