There is Gold in them there Hills!

No not gold as in the yellow type, but from what I have experienced in recent times the Gold in the Hills is simply the exercise we get in simply getting out and about to the hills to find said Gold!

I recently had a very close mate who became another victim to cancer and off the back of that experience I know for sure that the Gold that any of us have is our health and I would like all of my friends and associates have a good look at things this year and make one of your goals to improve your health in any way you can.

Improve your diet, get out and about more and do some daily exercise, it doesn’t take much and limit your intake of alcohol etc….there are plenty of natural highs there to be had!

In my opinion it is very easy in this day and age to reach 50, but your quality of life and quantity of life after 50 is directly proportional to what has gone on leading up to 50! And for those of you who aren’t 50 yet….it is only a nano second away, let me tell you!

Stress is the underlying key to many ailments so if you have stress in your lives, look at ways of addressing the stress, by either exercising, Yoga, Meditation and simply pursuing a passion. One thing is for sure is if you don’t address stress it will get you in the end!

This post is not designed to be anything but a wake up call to everyone that I know to just take 5 and think about what is really important to any of us and that is our well being, but if there is anyone out there who would like guidance on how to handle stress, or improve diets, my wife is a very good Naturopath who has helped many of my friends over the years, so drop me a line and I will put you in touch with her.

Stay well, eat well, be healthy have fun!

True North Mark

27 thoughts on “There is Gold in them there Hills!

  1. Indeed Merv and for some it come apparent simply too late!

    I am hoping that the post might just make a few crew make a few subtle changes to things to improve their health!

  2. Yes there are too many people getting very sick and it does give pause for some reflection.

    Great advice there Mark. Live long and prosper. Healthily šŸ™‚

  3. Nice post Mark … things have changed a lot in the past 20 odd months for myself as you are aware … I truly treasure moments that once I would of just acknowledged, now they are pure nuggets … Exercise has become a bigger part of my life as well as food intake and beers, cant stop them just limit the intake … and as for distressing man I have never been more relaxed than the past year and half with the last 6 days thanks the the new Van Halen maybe a little too relaxed … Stay Frosty my friend šŸ˜‰

  4. Wise words Mark ….. Unfortunately I’ve always stuck to the Moto better to burn out than fade away so I guess I’m stuffed, anyway my super will run out at 70 so it’s all down hill from here. (-:

  5. 27Kgs down now Markie Mark. Another 8kg and I’ve lost 35kg in just over 12mths. There is being alive and then there is living life. I choose living life!

    Great post mate.

    1. Well done Jamie, you should be so proud of yourself. We must catch up sometime soon so I can check out your hot new bod lol oh and maybe take a few piccies while we’re at it.

  6. Very true. I have had to deal with a fair amount of stress myself over the last decade. It got so bad that I had to give up running (I used to go for a run every day). In the end I think it was mostly due to doing stuff I wasn’t passionate about, and because I just couldn’t figure out how to pay the bills with the stuff that I was passionate about. Still not quite there yet, but I feel like I’m getting closer now. One of my goals for this year is to get a lot more relaxed and physically back in shape.

    1. That is a dilemma we all face Armand with how to balance passions with day to day work that will support you.

      It is a nice goal to try to work in something that you are passionate about, but not everyone can do that and even when you are working in something that you do like often time makes you stale, so I have found the trick is to get out and follow the current passions with zesto and to keep fit, however it works for you.

      My release used to be Skydiving, now it is photography and surfing or anything in the water really!

      Make sure you get some you time.

      Stay fit…eat well…have fun! šŸ™‚

  7. Great post and advice Mark. Live long and prosper, indeed. Thanks to LeeAnne for curing my stomach bug from hell, and curing it without drugs. Reading back in my journal, one day in Peru just says “please please just let me get healthy. That’s all I want, please”. Being healthy is nothing to take for granted, being sick is a good teacher of that.

    I crave exercise every day, or I will implode with too much stored up energy — cycling in Copenhagen, swimming here in Freo and I try to live healthy – have kicked it into an even healthier gear based on LeeAnne’s great advice (I haven’t touched Coke Zero, I promise! actually don’t even miss it).

  8. Great post Mark, everyone should be trying to achieve this before they wish they did. My mum passed away 10 years ago year aged 52 after a battle with leukemia (after a lifetime of healthy living!). 3 years prior both my parents chucked in the day jobs and bought a little part time business that they had always wanted to do together. They only got a couple of hopsital interrupted years in but they still did it and enjoyed it. I guess that I am lucky in a way as I have seen from an early age that career and money are nothing if you don’t have your health, and balance is the key (plus some luck). 2012 will hopefully be the year of working hard to slow down.

    1. Very sorry to hear that Andrew…I like that motto about ‘working hard to slow down’! I might use that myself as I am definitely on that program myself at the mo!

      Indeed it is all about balance and not sweating the small things…stay on the bigger picture and most importantly…HAVE FUN!

  9. Your spot on Mark, I have had what people these days call an alternate lifestyle for about 14 years now, not one bit of medication, I don’t really drink alcohol but the one thing I’m missing is giving myself enough me time to chill out. That’s my 2012 resolution.
    Yoga every night before bed because it is soooo relaxing and you sleep way better and more regular exercise as I find that does it for me to get rid of any built up frustrations.
    It is so the way to go, and you know what I only get sick once in a blue moon and when I do I know it’s because I haven’t been taking care of myself.
    Sorry for the loss of your mate Mark, it’s never a nice thing.

    1. Sounds like you are on the right track Andrea…simplicity and balance are the keys I think.

      Yes it was a real shame and his family are still coming to terms with how fast it all came about.

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