Mewstone Island Sunset

I was polishing my boat with Flemming last night when we saw a very tropical sunset developing, so we decided to hightail it out to Mewstone Island just near the Straggler Rocks to chase the sunset and we weren’t disappointed!

Here a few images from the island and our escape back home.

I navigated the whole way there with a Navtronics GPS app on my Iphone which I downloaded for about $80! It is amazing how far technology has come these days!

It was such a balmy night we decided to cruise into Kailis for some fish and chips which Flemming thought was an extra special treat! I great way to spend an evening for sure.

I will put some shots up from the evening side of things later!

18 thoughts on “Mewstone Island Sunset

      1. Yeah, we’re up to a balmy -7 degrees today. Earlier this week it was colder. I had planned to go out shooting some time lapse footage, but it was just too cold to stand still for that long.

  1. We’re having just the right amount of fun! A beautiful sunset, a very nice evening, and it was very cool when we moored the Polaris right in front of Kailis, jumped off basically right into the restaurant and had fish n chips.

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