Fremantle colours

The above 2 images were from the start of the Stragglers sunset evening and the end of the evening at Cicerellos and for those of you who haven’t been down there lately, the night reflections have been changed somewhat with the advent of the ferris wheel.

I must say that the quality of the seafood at Kailis was also very good and it was indeed a pleasant way to spend an evening whilst the sunset turned it on for us.

6 thoughts on “Fremantle colours

  1. Having tried them both many times I think I lean a little towards Kallis’s for the fish and chips but there’s not much between them. I don’t think either, although both and good, are the best fish and chips in WA. I’ve had better.

    My never ending search continues.

  2. Hey Markie, my 2 bobs worth. I prefer your shots with lighter skies as, to my eye, I find the sky above those beautiful little yachts heavy and closing in on them. I have trouble relating to the heavy grey clouds under the glimpses of blue sky.

    I like seeing the yachts coming into the bottom left corner, like they are going home to bed!

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