Camera Solutions VIP cards

Thanks to everyone who came along to Camera Solutions on Friday evening.

It was a good turn out and a great night.

Thanks also to Peta and Paul North for their hospitality.

Paul asked me to put a post up to say that anyone who didn’t make it, to either drop by the shop or call him and he will give you or mail you a VIP card.

The cards will enable you to receive discounts when buying gear and also VIP service when visiting the shop.

A number of photons bought gear on the night, so the discounts on offer are obviously generous.

If you are wondering why I haven’t posted any images lately it is because my lappy crashed on Friday and is in at the doctors!

Not a good month for electrical goods for me!

Also I am Man Flu and everyone knows how serious that is eh!

I have some cool stuff to work up when I do get my lappy back including, a night shoot with a mate of mine on his Harley, the start and finish of the Rotto Swim and also a cool storm shot that went by Rotto last night.

18 thoughts on “Camera Solutions VIP cards

  1. Looking forward to those shots mate. This place isn’t the same without your images.

    Can’t believe you’ve killed your camera and laptop almost within the same week!


    1. Thanks Jamie…yep I’m toungin to work some images up and I have a few to catch up with.

      Very sucky that I had issues with both my favorite possessions in one month eh.

      Onwards and upwards!:)

    1. You are on the money there mate!

      I have just order a new lappy with 500 gigs of solid state hard drive and a truckload of ram!

      This machine will be at least ten times faster than the old machine!

      I reckon we will see an announcement this week on the new Canon gear so game on really!:)

  2. Thanks little buddy…yep a challenging week for sure, but as you say….onwards and upwards!

    My new solid state lappy will increase my processing rate to new Epic proportions!:)

  3. Between equipment failures and man flu, it seems things are getting pretty serious! Does Lee Anne have an ambulance on standby? šŸ˜‰

    Thanks again for organising Friday night Mark, and to Peta, Paul and the Camera Solutions crew for hosting it, and those goodie bags! I now have some serious lust for that wonderful little OM-D thing… oh dear!

  4. Thanks for a good night to all concerned. There was certainly some wheeling and dealing – I know Merv had to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement for the deal he did. Looking forward to some helmet-cam video from him soon.

    Hopefully the rumoured Canon announcements in the next few days will perk you up Mark.

  5. Thanks to you and the Camera solutions crew for a nice little get together which I must say was very well hosted.
    No word from Merv yet ? I haven’t seen him since the night so can only I presume he is out putting together a kick arse extreme sport video with his new toy to post on his blog very soon.

    1. Hey Pete..great to see the Northam boys come down from the bush and it was great to catch up.

      It will be interesting to see what Merv man comes up with for sure with his new HD Pro!

  6. Sorry to hear about your man cold Mark…..I think burning the candle at both ends hasn’t helped….
    Thanks to everyone that came along to CS, it was great meeting everyone, at last a face to the names…
    Can’t wait to see Mervs video….

    1. It ‘man flu’ Peta!

      Far more serious than a man cold!:)

      I have been going pretty hard but the 2 day flight didn’t help in one of those germ carrying modules they call aeroplanes!

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