A night out with a Harley!

I am pleased to report that I now have my lappy back and I am back on line…whoo hoo!

On Thursday evening a few keen photogs and a work mate cruised up to Lancelin for a light painting shoot and we had a cracker of a time.

On board were Steve Buchanan (the model), Flemming Bo Jensen, aka Flembot, Sven, Flembotaruny and ‘international man of mystery’, Peta North, the lovely Charlene, Nigel and Glenn Baker…’the cabinet maker’!

We were treated to a very cool sunset with just the right amount of cloud cover to give a nice soft light and some background drama.

Steve was a natural model and it was good to see him outside of his comfort zone!

Peta and Nigel…aka flash kings and queens were all over the scene for a while there with the numerous flash toys that Peta had to choose from and then after dark we set about do ing some light painting.

The resultant light painting image is a blend of 25 images.

We set off back to Perth at about 2200 which got me home at about midnight. I felt both excited and tired all at once

19 thoughts on “A night out with a Harley!

  1. A very fun evening! Thanks to the whole gang, had such a great time. We must do it again. Stalking Glenn in the dunes, Mark and his Flash t-shirt, Peta talking to her car (!!) — awesome evening!

  2. Yes it was a fun evening…the stalkers were very funny….poor Glen….
    Nice light made it a fun shoot, profoto lights made perfect fill, then onto Marks light painting with his home made light….excellent…

  3. Next time mate…Steve is keen for more…any ideas on a location where we could get him close to the water so we can get some water movement as well?

    I was thinking maybe Yanchep?

  4. Hey Mark

    Lovely work. Really striking portraits. You need to to change your logo strap line to read “landscape and adventure photographer…. And portrait photographer and light painting photographer.

    Nice work to all involved.


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