HBF Rottnest swim start 2012


Early Saturday morning Flemming Bo Jensen and I set out to see what we could get for the HBF Rottnest Island swim start.

Whilst Flemming was doing a great job of focusing on the close proximity compositions, I was focusing on the bigger picture images in readiness for our up and coming Rottnest Island book we are doing in conjunction with Peta North.

Just before sunrise we had an awesome display of colours which prompted me to have a crack at a 9 image stitch, which I think worked well to show all of the different things that were going on in this arena of anticipation, excitement and expectation.

By the way…see if you can spot Flemming! I will give you a hint…he’s on the right hand side!


16 thoughts on “HBF Rottnest swim start 2012

  1. Superb “Bay Watch ” stitch.

    What perfect conditions for the start. Lovely tonal quality you’ve captured considering the clouds kept changing the light by the minute.

  2. 5am and Mark shakes me awake on the good boat Polaris. I had 4 hours of sleep and no coffee arriving at Cottesloe. If you have seen me on a normal morning after 7 hours of sleep, you can imagine what I looked like. But the Rottnest Swim launch was so cool and fun I actually managed to wake up, get a few decent shots and really enjoyed it. Am in total awe of the swimmers.

    We then shot across to Rotto on Polaris, gained access to shoot right on the beach thanks to Mark, and captured the winner coming in; and waving to Peta circling above us in a plane. Quite a coordinated and good effort by the team and we created a few good images, just what we needed.

    This is a good pano buddy, and even better at full size where one can see all the action, what every person is doing. Find Flemming is a bit hard in the small version here, I’m about 1 pixel wide in this version 🙂

  3. Very cool shot Mark…it was again great light with the cloud cover and no smoke….
    I think you and flem must be in over a 100 shots from the air the winners area..

  4. Very cool shot mark, really good job on blending the water movement, and nice colours only slight thing i picked was u
    may need to put the leg back on the dude in mid foreground with yellow swim cap :))

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