All in a day at Rotto


Start the engines, ropes off, pull out of the pen and turn for Rottnest, like we have done so many times before.

The tranquil feel to the sailing club has us all with an air of anticipation.

The swell forecast is showing 2m and the winds are light and as we get closer to Rottnest the swell lines start appearing confirming that there is at least some swell.

Our selected surf break for the day is Stricklands on the South Side of Rottnest. We paddle into the break and the manoeuvring begins. The sets start coming and soon it is time to pull into the first wave.

In between sets we chat amongst ourselves and solve the problems of the world…I chatted to one guy who was a pro diver and who had just been on a stint for 10 day diving at 300m!

What a great way to spend the day and after 3 and a half hours in the water and have expend all reserves of energy, we cruised off to Parker Point for a well deserved lunch in amongst the beautiful green waters of Parker Point.

….that was my Saturday!


Lighthouse sunset

This shot was taken 180 degrees from last nights shot, which shows just how widespread the colours were.

The Bathurst lighthouse is an iconic part of Rottnest Island and was the backdrop for the wedding photos from the mornings wedding that was held at Parker Point. These guys nailed the weather for sure with picture perfect light and clouds happening all day!

Pinkies Sunset

As you may have gathered by some of the other Blogger’s posts this evening, the sunset was pretty special!

Rottnest was no exception to the lead up so Flemming Bo Jensen and I set out to see what we could get. We decided to go around to Pinkies beach as the build up all around there was showing promise and for sure we ended up in the right spot.

One never tires of the golden colours of a Rottnest sunset!

Hansiatic Launch of the 77m Smerelda Super yacht

I was fortunate to be invited to the launch of a new Super Yacht built by Hansiatic Marine this morning and was very pleased to be there to see their latest creation.

77m long, 2.5 years in the making, the longest aluminium yacht to be built in the Southern Hemisphere and 550,000 man hours!

The launch facility is located down at the AMC and it is a floating dock. The vessel is rolled onto the dock by way of a multi wheeled transporter and then the dock is flooded to launch the boat.

Another testament to the capabilities of shipbuilding in this state!

The last shot is a bit of an experiment with a HDR treatment that I quite like!

Pristine Parker Point

Another couple of images from yesterdays pristine conditions at Parker Point, Rottnest Island.

Flemming Bo Jensen is off in the distance in the pink coral shot practising his dolphin kicking style.

For those of you who don’t know Rottnest that well, Parker Point has a marine sanctuary at the western end of the bay which is home to the southern most coral gardens in WA. A very pretty snorkel area.

Parker Point Rottnest Island

If you ask Flemming Bo Jensen about yesterday he would have said it would have been hard to beat the afternoon of swimming with the seals, but today Rottnest turned it on again.

With a strong North East wind blowing this morning, we left the North side of the island for picturesque Parker Point on the Southern side of the island. I shot off for a quick surf at Stricklands and then after lunch we loaded up the underwater housing, kindly loaned by my buddy Glenn Murray, and set off for the coral gardens at Parker Point.

The top image is of a wave breaking over me, which I simply called……’Duck’!

The other is a simple image featuring some colourful seaweed against a mirror calm surface.

The day at Parker Point was picture perfect and the bay was totally loaded with heaps of boats and people enjoying the tranquility of the bay.

A beautiful way to finish the weekend.