Pristine Parker Point

Another couple of images from yesterdays pristine conditions at Parker Point, Rottnest Island.

Flemming Bo Jensen is off in the distance in the pink coral shot practising his dolphin kicking style.

For those of you who don’t know Rottnest that well, Parker Point has a marine sanctuary at the western end of the bay which is home to the southern most coral gardens in WA. A very pretty snorkel area.

5 thoughts on “Pristine Parker Point

      1. Totally mate ! We’re pushing to get beyond 30C in this weeks warm spell. (struggled to get about 35 for the summer with only about 3 days above).
        There’s been plenty of E-NE moisture for storms over the summer so thats good ! Very little of the drier NW heat pumping down from the baking interior for heatwaves and bushfires…

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