19 thoughts on “Smerelda ready to Launch

  1. Another great shot mate. I really like the way the crane, people and forklift give us a perspective on how big it is. I just can’t get over how shiny it is either.

  2. Very clean HDR there mate, great image and composition! She’s an amazing looking yacht 🙂
    My only advice would be to watch the very minor haloing around the crane. Love the image though 🙂

    1. Thanks for the feedback Paul…unfortunately the haloing is a result of the process I use and I haven’t quite worked out how to avoid that! You are quite right though!

  3. Great work. Although I’m not always a fan of HDR it’s very subtle here and works great with the aluminum hull. I also like that retro-futuristic look you gave it.

  4. Very interesting radar/sensor array on the boat. It makes it look similar to more than a few of the ships I served on in the Navy, but I guess in this age of electronic connectivity this is to be expected.

    I echo the comments about your superb subtle HDR techniques, they are damn fine, mate!

      1. It will be very interesting to see how the hull withstands fouling. I expect it will hold up fairly well over time, but in the end, all it is is one mighty expensive tinny!

        1. Hi Steve

          The aluminum hull will outlast any steel hull 10 times over with a fraction of the maintenance costs.

          The oldest aluminum boat on this coast was built over 60 years ago and it’s still going! And it was not build from the more durable marine grade aluminum of today.

          There have been numerous super yachts built out of aluminum over the last 20 years from WA and they are all still going to my knowledge.

          1. Okay, so are the ribs, keel, and underpinnings steel or steel alloy based or aluminum? Or all of the above?

            Either way, it still is a tinny!

          2. Hi Steve, no the whole boat is marine grade aluminium!

            The only steel on the vessel is Stainless Steel hand rails and anchor well protection.

            A steel hull has a life expectancy of 25 years at the most if it is built well and maintained well.

            That ali hulls will last 3 times longer than that at least and the maintenance costs over that time will be a fraction of the steel as well!

  5. Europe Tim…not sure exactly where.

    And yes at the high end of town, they have simply got richer over the last few years, snapping up all sorts of kit off the demise of us peasants! 🙂

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