All in a day at Rotto


Start the engines, ropes off, pull out of the pen and turn for Rottnest, like we have done so many times before.

The tranquil feel to the sailing club has us all with an air of anticipation.

The swell forecast is showing 2m and the winds are light and as we get closer to Rottnest the swell lines start appearing confirming that there is at least some swell.

Our selected surf break for the day is Stricklands on the South Side of Rottnest. We paddle into the break and the manoeuvring begins. The sets start coming and soon it is time to pull into the first wave.

In between sets we chat amongst ourselves and solve the problems of the world…I chatted to one guy who was a pro diver and who had just been on a stint for 10 day diving at 300m!

What a great way to spend the day and after 3 and a half hours in the water and have expend all reserves of energy, we cruised off to Parker Point for a well deserved lunch in amongst the beautiful green waters of Parker Point.

….that was my Saturday!


10 thoughts on “All in a day at Rotto

  1. Thanks for a great day buddy! Parker Point was crystal clear, literally transparent yesterday and I nearly swam straight into a stingray at the bottom. The image shows me moving away from it, after Russel’s scare stories. Very awesome day!

  2. Totally mate ! We’re pushing to get bnoyed 30C in this weeks warm spell. (struggled to get about 35 for the summer with only about 3 days above).There’s been plenty of E-NE moisture for storms over the summer so thats good ! Very little of the drier NW heat pumping down from the baking interior for heatwaves and bushfires

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