Stacked and Stitched

In preparation for my up and coming trip on True North on Saturday with Christian Fletcher, I set about seeing what I need to do in order to get a file size that could match a Phase One file with my new 5D MK2.

This image is an 8 shot stitch with my 50mm prime, 4 across the top and 4 underneath, but the bottom 4 were also focus stacked.

The resultant file size was 10,000 pixels by 7100 pixels at 300 DPI which is indeed comparable to the Phase files.

This trip coming up will be the start of the Kimberley project that I have been invited to do with fellow Photographers: Christian Fletcher, Tony Hewitt, Peter Eastway, Les Walkling and videography will be handled by Mike Fletcher.

I think I will be doing a fair bit of stacking and stitching on this trip!

For those of you who were at my talk at Foto Freo, this shot is a classic example of the techniques we discussed during that talk.

13 thoughts on “Stacked and Stitched

  1. Very interesting technique and your results look great. Now throw some HDR into the mix and you’ll also have the dynamic range of a Phase 🙂
    I should give this a try some time. I guess you first do the focus stacking in dedicated software and then stitch the images in photoshop?

  2. Yep that is correct Armand…stacked first then stitched and thanks Toneman…I have the technique pretty well down pat now so it only takes a little longer.

    I reckon it would look good large as well!

  3. Nice result Mark, laborious though it probably is. Don’t go swimming up there, I guess you probably heard about the True North crewmember?

      1. So I guess we’ll never know the answer to the question – “If Mike Fletcher saw a girl being attacked by a crocodile, would he film it at f8 or f16?”

        Seriously – that was an amazing rescue effort.

  4. Hey mate, any reason you focus stacked instead of stopping down a little more?
    does F8 stacked yeild better results then shooting at F13 and chucking the focus to hyperfocal.

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