Off on True North for another Kimberley Adventure!

From this Saturday, I will be once again on True North with Christian Fletcher leading other keen Photog’s around to all the cool photographic locations to be had in this untouched wilderness.

I am expecting a great start to the season as there has been regular top ups in the Kimberley recently with Thunderstorms etc, so I look fwd to seeing what the Kimberley has up her sleeve for me this time round.

I have done this trip now, more times than I can remember and what never ceases to amaze me is just how different it is every single time!

When Flemming Bo Jensen, Dave Bettini and myself did a similar trip last year we did not see one other vessel or person for 2 weeks and 1100 NM! There are not too many places on this planet where you can cover such distances and not see anything other than raw and untouched beauty.

I will be posting live off the boat again on a daily basis if possible, so stay tuned to the blog for regular updates on our adventures!

News hot off the press is that Tom Putt is also going us for the second week and will be flying in from the Mitchell Plateau by way of the True North helicopter.

I look fwd to catching up with you soon Tom!


20 thoughts on “Off on True North for another Kimberley Adventure!

  1. I know you will have an amazing time. The Kimberly is such a special location. True North is certainly a home away from home. Give my best wishes to all the crew. Enjoy, take care and have a Happy and Safe Easter to you and your family

    1. Very good also Armand..I am pleased that I can give you the opportunity to have that ‘vicarious experience’!

      We are tentatively thinking about maybe coming up your way later this year to see the Northern Lights so we might be able to catch up if we do!

      A few things have to fall into place before that can happen, but it is in the melting pot!

  2. Have and awesome trip my two friends! Would give a kidney to be on TN again, but with all my traveling it appears I’ve run out of kidneys so will have to wait till I grow new ones šŸ™‚

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