Wynyalkin Sunset and Drinks on the Beach

What a way to spend an evening! The guests on board True North were treated to an amazing sunset this evening and after landing on the beach, Christian and I set about climbing up and over the cliffs you see on the right and were pleasantly surprised with this beautiful blue pool.

It was a race against time finding our way to the right shooting locations and many of the routes we chose we dead ends, but we finally made our way through the maze and the rewards were there for our efforts.

The epic scenes we abundant and the hardest part was picking the right perspective before the sunset.

We will definitely spend more time here next time round now that I know what is there!

More to come later, stay tuned!

8 thoughts on “Wynyalkin Sunset and Drinks on the Beach

  1. Mark’s Island in PNG and Now Mark’s pool in the Kimberly cant wait till the next exciting episode

    Great shot BTW looks like there could be many more next time

    1. Then one day you will have to make the journey Aramand!

      Flembot, I had some issues on this trip out…it was so epic I was trying too hard and the first image I tried was not unsimilar to Christians, but a 15 image stitch. It is close now but I think I need to start again.

      Trying to get the file size is so much more work and I must admit in situations like this the Phase One’s shine through!

      I still have a few aces up my sleeve though!

  2. That is an epic image mate, worthy of Epicness Inc. Very well done, and good scouting!

    (btw I cannot believe that Christian posted before you! Forgot to wear your Flash t-shirt?)

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