Kimberley Blue Hole

One of the final images from last night’s shoot, one that took some time and frustration to pull together, but am pretty happy with the results.

Such a fantastic example of the pristine beauty of the Kimberley and how well she can turn it one when she sets her mind to it!

The scenes were so grand it was difficult to choose a perspective. Given that this is a 15 image stitch and also a stacked image, the complexity grew out of proportion given the radical exposure changes within the scene as well, but I got there after about 3 hours of work!

22 thoughts on “Kimberley Blue Hole

    1. Thanks Flembotaruny! Tommy Boy…Christian’s shot was 15 minutes earlier and further back from this spot. When i took this CF was already hightailing it back to the beach as it was getting dark! Thanks also to Mr. Armand! 🙂

  1. Might not be really different but this a burster of a shot, love it.
    I’m going stand next to you when you do one of these big stitched images one day and get a few tips (-:

  2. Love it Mark. Everyone else has said what needs to be said. It is just stunning. I love the new title and promotion from the King of Stitching to the King of Extreme Stitching!

  3. Now that’s what I’m talking about! Classic foreground, middle and back, great skies and some technical challenges to keep the the serious shooters reading this interested! Well done. Wish I was out there in the Kimberly myself, but I am having to live viacariously through the blogosphere. 🙁

  4. The lovely Peta Anne North printed this for me tonight at 1.1 x 1m on a pretty high gloss media and man on man does this shot rock big!

    Thanks heaps Peta.

    Definitely up there with one of my favourite shots ever i reckon so far!

    My daughter is gonna love it on the wall of her new house!

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