Jurassic Kimberley, Indian Head

A number of the lads have been talking about how Jurassic the Kimberley looks , so I thought I would post this one which is, in my opinion a transformer waiting to break out of the rocks and start his next mission!

The location is a rocky outcrop called Indian Head in the Hunter River.

I cannot believe how much the head looks like a head with a mouth, nose, eyes, eyebrows and eve an ear!

For those Bing Bang fans, I also reckon it looks like Sheldon when he got the big Hulk fists and he smashes them together! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Jurassic Kimberley, Indian Head

  1. Mark, nice stuff! Dad told me your talk at light fantastic was great as well (hopefully it was you, and he didn’t get confused with some other landscape photographer!).

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