Melaluka Lower Falls

Christian, Tommy Putt and Myself spotted these falls on the way into today’s help picnic and decided to make the Epic journey down to them, which involved lots of rock hopping, wading through waist deep water, dodging spiders and water monitors and trampling long reeds!

Some 45 minutes later we made it to the site and were pleased to find that the falls had a very nice set of layered rocks that facilitated the perfect shooting position.

We were like cats on a hot tin roof as the clouds did the righty and started to develop, the light became softer and all in all things came together pretty well.

This is now the largest and most complicated stitch for me ever! 45 images focus stacked and stitched, which ended up in a 24 image square stitch.

Possibly one of the prettiest waterfalls I have seen in the Kimberley as they just seem to sit beautifully as a landscape photo. Hope you like it! šŸ™‚

26 thoughts on “Melaluka Lower Falls

  1. Ok I just have to win lotto to go to the Kimberly again and visit that water fall. Has it a name? Or is it called Mark’s waterfall?

  2. You got that in one Chizzy…the old girl would have done a cough and then rolled up her toes and died I reckon!

    Lovin the solid state drive its like lightning! Christian has go and make a cup of coffer whilst his machine clunks through stuff he is doing and mine just charges ahead…definitely the way to go!

    1. He he…thanks Armand and Flembotaruny! šŸ™‚ You have a point there Flembot, we should be videoing more of what we are doing here. I have a couple of clips from yesterdays epic adventures and I think Tommy Boy does as well, so will ensure to grab his stuff as well before he goes to give to Mike.

      Thanks for the big tick boys…I am also pretty pleased with the result and I can tell you it is pin sharp right the way through that image!

  3. Stitchmaster Mark flexing his muscles and on his way to become Stitch Grand Master Mark! That’s pretty darn awesome work buddy. Really good image!

    These excursions you guys are taking this year are quite epic, anyone have a video camera turned on to document your progress through the wild Kimberley bush? And how can Christians Phase still be alive with all that water around?

    1. Ripper comments those one as well Merv, AB, Jamie, Tim and Richard!

      Jamie, you are probably right and if it weren’t for the fact that I was doing the Kimberley Project with Christian and the boys then i probably wouldn’t be so focused on file size, but as I am I don’t want to be under done!

      Forcing myself to lift to these levels has taught me quite a few things in work flow both from a shooting perspective and an editing perspective.

      Richard, thanks very much for those kind words! I always try to make my posts interesting, but it is sometimes difficult when not in places like the Kimberley!

      Tim, the entire top layer had the sky I wanted in it, so not chance of ghosting. In any case I have become quite good at masking these days, which is a real bonus to eliminate ghosting!

  4. Fantastic pic, Mark. There’s a story in here somewhere about how you’re pushing image processing technology to its limit to capture the beauty of a very primal landscape. Keep the photos coming – its a great series.

  5. Thanks Stuart,

    That is indeed exactly what is going on a lot up here…it is all so grand it is hard to capture all that it is and wide angles just don’t do the view justice as it makes everything look so small, so for scenes like this stitching is the only way in my opinion!

    1. By the way, we are about to fly out and do a help camp for the night at a kick butt gorge that i don’t believe anyone has every photographed seriously before, so we will have all night to play and see what we can get…stay tuned!

  6. I waiting for the next shot mate. I’m guessing and correct me if I’m wrong…………. you hanging out of the helicopter which is travelling at 150Kmh doing a focus stacked 50 image stitch! šŸ˜‰

    1. You don’t know how close you are with that statement Jamie! I have just returned from an overnight help camp on the edge of a water fall and this arvo will be hanging out of the help at Montogomery Reef and i full intend to stitch some images up there! šŸ™‚

      Thanks Peta, from TNM aka mega Stitchmaster! šŸ™‚

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