Prince Regent River Sunset

The Kimberley is a vast area of some of the most amazing scenery on the planet but every now and then she turns it on for you just to show she has much much more up her sleeve for those who care to venture into her realm.

When we were cruising out of the Prince Regent River, home of the famous Kings Cascades, the wind dropped to absolutely nothing and then the True North Captain backed off the throttles to a dead stop so that we could all enjoy the ambience and the changing colours of the sunset.

Our wake caught up with us which made for some really interesting wave lines stretching off into the distance.

This is a 7 image stitch shot with my 50mm prime. My very good mate, Flembot showed me a very cool trick on how to blend such stitches which came in very handing for this shot.

In PT Gui, select the stitch option you want, which was Mercator in this instance. Then when selecting what to save as, select a PSD file and also Blended with layers.

The result will be a blended image with all of the layers showing and the masks showing. To blend the wave lines, it is simply a matter of clicking on each mask and getting the waves to line up.

Another tip I got from Flembot is how to straighten the horizon in PT Gui. Simply hold down the control key on a Mac and click on either side of the image and hold and then twist the image up or down. You can also bend the image if it hasn’t stitched correctly by clicking in the middle of the image and pushing it up or down.

I hope you like the image and the PT Gui tips!