Broome Camels at Sunset

I have never managed to get in position to get a reasonable shot of the Broome camels, but last night made the effort as it was the lowest tide of the year in Broome yesterday at its low at 1715 at 9m!

So I set off to see what I could get and found it to be quite challenging as the first 2 groups of camels came through where I did not expect and I had to such to get the shot as they are continually walking, but had my act together by the last group and was pretty happy with this result.

11 thoughts on “Broome Camels at Sunset

    1. Thanks Tim..I was just reading your latest post and it would seem that you had quite an adventure at that little waterfall!

      You guys have sure had some rain lately!

  1. Ah the infamous camels….ask Nigel what his reaction is when people walk into his gallery and ask for camels and staircases to the moon šŸ™‚

    For a Broome camel image you did fine with this one. Flash a bit strong for me.

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