Lower view of Melaluka Falls

After spending a fair bit of time on the higher view, I slid down to this view to join Tom Putt and was quite happy with how this view made more of a feature with the colours and textures under the waterfall on the right.

A 21 image stitch with various challenges to do with the light on the day, but I think we got there in the end!

22 thoughts on “Lower view of Melaluka Falls

    1. Thanks Peter…the reality is that a MF shot would not get the detail in the same way as you will see if you compare CF’s shot with his wide angle versus my last shot. He didn’t get much sky at all and he also didn’t get the right hand lower fall!

      So by doing these mega stitches with the 50mm, I am getting a look like what I was seeing without making the falls look small as what happens with a wide angle and I am getting the additional precious parts of the story!

      The mega stitches worked well for me on this trip!

      1. Totally agree with you and I love wide angle view pics but I can’t help wondering how much more detail there would be with MF. Don’t get me wrong this shot is a winner and you have done it really well, just can’t help but wonder.Maybe i just need new glasses.

        1. This image is not a good example of the detail due to the low angle Peter, although I did focus stack it. The Big Stopper made a lot of movement in the trees which was something I couldn’t avoid, but the higher version I mixed it up a bit. I did the top sky stitch without the ND and the lower ones with the ND. I that way I got the trees sharp and had the movement. T focus stacking I did also got the image sharp from front to back.

          The other Blue hole stitch I did in the first week away is also an example of how I can get detail and size, but man that image was a challenge for sure!

          1. Hey mate, I think I’m just being a picky bugger. I certainly couldn’t have done any better and you have got some bloody great photos from this trip. Keep em coming.

          2. Thanks Pete! I think in future I am going to do the stitch without the ND and then do cover shots for the water falls so that I don’t get the movement in the trees….but in any case as you say I did OK on this trip and am pretty happy with the results….thanks again for he positive feedback!

    1. Thanks heaps Gary! Yep they take a bit of work, but I am getting the process down pat now so it is just a matter of finding some clear time to dedicate to the process!

  1. 21 images stitched in an image with 4 waterfalls. Somehow Stitchmaster, even Grand Stitchmaster is hardly fitting anymore. You have invented a whole new category.

    It’s rather great buddy! I like the subtler more natural less contrasty but highly detailed look. Glad the mega-stitch workflow turned out to work well. Probably a good thing also you just got the SSD speedfreak Macbook as well, the old one would possibly have committed harakiri tasked with this.

    1. Thanks Flembotaruny! You are sooo right…if I have the old Mac and not my new solid state blitz machine, there would be a molten bit of aluminium left on the True North right now that would have just melted away into oblivion! šŸ™‚

  2. I like the shimmering rock face behind the middle tier the best ! Can you swim there ???
    I’ve also been doing these ‘mega stitches’ (stacked multirow jobs) for ~18months, they sure can be time consuming (shoot and process) !

  3. You would be keen to swim there as well mate as there is another Freshy just up the way that I too a shot off from the cliff above the tree on the left!

    We might have to start the ‘Mega Stitch Guru’s club’ dude, with thee and me as the founding members! šŸ™‚

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