Fremantle Harbour, storm approaching

I saw some nice clouds and light developing yesterday morning and decided to take my boat for a run around the Fremantle Harbour area to see what I could find.

The boat needed a run in any case and it was a pleasant morning out for sure.

We currently have a US Navy aircraft carrier in port, so that was the first port of call and I am pleased with the overall result of the image with the spotlight effect over the ship.

It was then off to the harbour itself and once again I was lucky with the light and clouds at the time. From the land there are too many restricted areas to get a composition like this and I have been wanting to get a pano done of that side of the harbour now for a while…ticked that box now I have!

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  1. Love the spotlight effect over the container ship in the Fremantle Harbour shot. You’re right its an angle most of us have been after for years but its so hard with all the restricted access. Seeing the carrier reminds me of when we ‘sunk’ the USS Kitty Hawk. The US refused to believe that a crappy old Aussie submarine could penetrate their defences, so we showed them the periscope photos. Talk about eating humble pie!


    1. Were you on that sub Jamie? I remember seeing something about an Aussie Sub surprising the US fleet in a war game in Hawaii! Classic the way they went about it too!

    1. Thanks little buddy!

      Yes indeed both of us (Polaris and me) missed the chief deckie mate…but we managed to pull it together! šŸ™‚

      I have worked up a B&W version of the pano and it looks ok for sure!

  2. Nice ones, I was up in the air on Saturday taking pics of the yachts in the festival of sale and took some over the carrier, what time were you there. It was good that there was no restriction around the carrier.

    1. Hey Peta…I think I was there at about 1400? You may well have had good access from the air, but I would have liked to get a lot closer! The little security Nazis were doing a good job of keeping boats from coming too close!

  3. Merv (and Mark)

    The carrier is the USS Carl Vinson (not Vincent) and it is 31 years old, so perhaps its age is showing, texture overlay notwithstanding.

    I was serving aboard the “Chucky Vee” on its maiden cruise around the world in 1983 and yes, we did stop in Freo back in I think it was July or August of 1983. Back then Ugg boots were cheap, jumpers were even less expensive (it was cold after being up in the Arabian Gulf), and the warmth of the Aussies was ever so welcome.

    Ugg boots are now made in China, jumpers too, but the one thing that will never change is the generosity of the land and people I have come to love.

    Thanks mates!

    PS. Unfortunately I cannot show you any images from those days as I had a flood in the basement back in 1993 and lost all my stored film. šŸ™

    1. Interesting Steve. I think the ” Chucky Vee” has paid a couple of visits here. 1983 vintage, so does that make it nearly ready to retire or will it last a few more years ?

      1. Merv,
        The Vinson is pretty long in the tooth, but there are three carriers, the USS Enterprise from 1961 and the USS Nimitz (1975) and the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (1977) which are older.

        1. Steve are they all still in service ?
          I seem to remember seeing a story about one of them sunk as a dive wreck.

        2. Sorry Steve, I read your story this morning and then got side tracked!

          Very cool that you have so much history with these ships…I am sure you have many a good story to tell!

          1. Mark and Merv (sounds like a bad band!)

            All three of those carriers are still in active service. Two others I served on, the USS Constellation (aboard which I made my first trip to Oz in January 1982) and the USS John F. Kennedy (an Atlantic/Mediterranean area ship) are both in mothballs. I served on 5 carriers in 22 years but no port calls were ever as good as those Down Under.

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