A few more images from the Kimberley

Here are a few more images from the Kimberley trip I did recently with Christian Fletcher and Tom Putt.

The top image is of a nice clean reflection of colours at Eagle Falls. The next one down are some sunset colours in the Prince Regent River and the last one is of some very friendly Tawny Sharks that meet us on every trip in and around the Horizontal waterfalls.

The larger dark fish in the lour shot was a hug potato cod that was blessing us with his presence! They all hung around for quite some time.

8 thoughts on “A few more images from the Kimberley

  1. Mark! Could you please explain to me, why does the Kimberley have a strong pull. I have been twice and it is one place I cant get enough of. Pilbara is similar. Both are so beautiful in a rugged and inhospitable and yet warm and welcoming way.

    1. I ma thinking because it is the last frontier Ailsa…untouched pretty much, very rugged and yet beautiful at the same time…often unpredictable…certainly unforgiving and yet very ancient which for me makes me consider how small we all are when compared to such grandure that has been around for Millions of years!

      And Tina…yes indeed you should! šŸ™‚

      1. Thanks Mark. That is more of less my perception of the Kimberley region and most Western Australians I know, who have been there and experienced the Kimberley region feel very much the same. It is a connection šŸ™‚ Hope to drive up there next year.

        1. Yes Ailsa, I am looking fwd to the Kimberley project coming up towards the end of the year and getting out and about to different parts of the Kimberley I haven’t seen before.

          Thanks also to big Tim! šŸ™‚

  2. Hi Mark,

    I’ve been checking out that top golden image for days now. Really like the tones in it and the fact that you can see right into the water. Awesome.


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