Click West Photo Competition a huge success!

I was very privileged to attend the inaugural Click West Photo Competition last night as a sponsor which was held at the Hoyt’s cinema at Carousel.

The event was the brainchild of Ric Mc Donald and was organised by he and his wife Ailsa.

What a great event and to see all of the talented images up in all their glory on the big screen in full HD and very sharp.

North Star Cruises offered a cruise on our Montes Extravaganza cruise next year as one of the major prizes and the lucky winner of that cruise was Tracy Leigh in the Portfolio section.

Her images are featured above and a very big ‘WELL DONE’ from me to Tracy and all the winners of this years competition.

For those of you who didn’t enter this year, I would very much keep an eye out for the Click West Competition next year as the prizes were numerous in numbers and also excellent in quality.

Apart from the cruise on the True North, there were prizes such as a new Canon 5D MK3, a sutio light kit, and Eizio monitor, printers and all sorts of goodies to wet the appetite of any keen photographer.

So, again a very big thank you to Ric and Ailsa and I look fwd to seeing the competition grow in the years to come!

Perth City Yacht Tranquility

We have had some amazingly calm weather in Perth over the last few days which is so typical of the winter weather pattern here in Perth. It is either stormy, or just beautiful as shown in this picture.

On Friday we did a river cruise with some friends and on the way to pick them up were presented with this beautiful setting with Perth City in the Back ground.

Seeing as Perth is up there as one of the windiest cities in the world, it is quite a treat to see the Swan River as calm as this!

Melaluka Light

This area is just around the corner from the falls at Melaluka and to me typifies what many of the Kimberley Billabongs look like. The waters edge often have Pandanas Palms scattered around the place and the white barked Melaluka Gums are also very prevalent in these areas.

Add a bit of blue sky, clouds some shadows and it is all going on in these little picturesque areas for sure!

The Big ‘O’!

We came across these mud flats in the Kimberley on the way to see the wreckage of the DC3.

Christian Fletcher and I branched out to shoot this area and the funniest site was when I looked back over my shoulder and christian was up to high thighs in mud!

That was just after I said to him…watch where you step in this mud! šŸ™‚

The intriguing feature of this shot for me was the Big ‘O’ in the sky formed by the large white cloud.

Lower Melaluka Falls

This is an 8 image stitch taken downstream of the previous mega stitch I did on the other side of these falls.

We had a very pleasant few hours in this area and the funny part was when I lost Christian and Tom Putt! They went off exploring much early that I did in the meg stitch area and I thought I saw them trekking around to this area.

As it turned out, they were actually both waiting for me under a ledge around the corner. Lucky my whistle can be heard for miles! šŸ™‚