There are numerous special places down south, but one that always entices me back is and that place is Wyadup.

Ian Wise and I spent Saturday evening here.

I have called both of these images ‘Pondering’ as that is exactly what the figure featured in the images was doing…just pondering and checking out the surroundings and the beautiful sunset that was developing.

The dramatic rocks and sky added to the tranquil scene and our ponderer gave me the scale figure I was hoping for!

8 thoughts on “Pondering

  1. I like both these shots Mark, Great idea behind the images. Wonder if they would have worked if the sky was just negative space with no cloud detail ? might work, might look crap as well.

  2. Great minds think alike Peter! You know I was just wondering that myself this morning and had exactly the same thought process…would it look good or crap! šŸ™‚

  3. Really like the top one, especially liking the black and white.
    For my taste, its hard to beat a well structured black and white pic.

    Would have been awesome if the “arrow” point of the clouds had been directly above the ponderer (is that word) sort of like his thoughts exploding out of his head šŸ™‚

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