The Hunter River, Kimberley

The above 3 photos show the various moods and colours the Hunter River in the Kimberley has to offer. The top image was taken just before sunrise and the other images were taken only an hour or 2 later.

The cloud formations that develop over this region are as reliable as they are varied.

We were in a small tributary that runs off the Hunter River here which offers a very calm and safe anchorage.

The crocodiles are always hanging around this area here, so it is certainly not an area to go for a dip!

14 thoughts on “The Hunter River, Kimberley

    1. Can’t let you see all the gold all at once there Neal! 🙂 And yes Greggy, this is also one of my favourite Kimberley places for sure. Nothing like flying into here when you are on a split trip eland landing on the True North by help for the first time!

      Talk about making good first impressions! 🙂

  1. Nice one, Markie; illustrates so well what difference a few hours light makes to a shot. I love the dawn shot, with that classic Hunter pinkiness and serenity across the water (if you ignore the crocs!).

    I’ll never forget the first time I arrived in the hunter on the True North. The only word to do it justice was “spiritual”. No wonder it is one of (yet another one!) Flemming’s favourite places in the Kimberley 😉

  2. That first shot, the dawn at Hunter is a tranquil beauty. Remember that morning at Indian Head, that was one beautiful morning, and the tide almost ate your shoes buddy!

  3. Markie, I just realised that the mighty True North is in the background of that lovely dawn shot.

    1. What was that doing in True North country 😉 I haven’t ever seen another vessel in the Hunter before …

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