Indian Head, Prince Frederick Harbour, Kimberley

One final image from Prince Frederick Harbour, showing off how the famous rock formation known as ‘Indian Head’ fits into the surrounding terrain and structure.

Once again the Clouds were kick arse and very much made this shot for me.

Kimberley Wake

Shot in Prince Frederick Harbour with Christian and Jenny Fletcher whilst doing a bit of a tour around the harbour one afternoon whilst on the mighty True North.

I looked back whilst cruising back to the True North and saw this shot developing before my eyes. The wake giving us the depth, the beautiful clouds, Indian Head off in the distance and the stark contrast of the shadows from the clouds falling delicately on the rugged structures that have been pushed up from below oh so long ago.

Beautiful, rugged, timeless and dramatic all at once!

Mangrove City!

This image is so typical of the Mangrove forests found in the Kimberley.

On this particular afternoon, Christian Fletcher, Jenny and I grabbed a tender and went off exploring to see what we could find and ended up covering quite a distance in the Prince Frederick harbour.

Winyalkin North

This is another version of my previous shot (the Blue Hole shot currently featuring on the Canon Facebook page) from this location, shot with Christian Fletcher and on excursion off the mighty True North.

The shot actually shows where I was standing when I took the Blue Hold mega stitch.

Not long after taking that shot I landed fair and square on my ‘kyber pass’ after slipping on some very slippery mud, but by then Christian had made a bee line for the beach, so no one saw it!


Fremantle is such a cool place to walk around shooting things and I often do just that when I have an hour to spare or feel like a bit of a wind down.

The park bench is just opposite the fire station that I shot the other night and in summer looks so enticing every time I drive by it, I just feel like going over and sitting on it!

I decided to shoot it instead on this occasion!

Blood Red Kimberley Sunrise

I shot this pano a couple of years ago in the Kimberley at Eagle Creek and right on sunrise.

The blood red colours that came out of the sandstone as the suns rays hit the stone, looked as if the rock was literally melting and turning into a sea of lava before my eyes.

It is often the case in the Kimberley, where the intense reds come out at sunrise and sunset, but I have never seen it so intense as on this occasion.