Winyalkin North

This is another version of my previous shot (the Blue Hole shot currently featuring on the Canon Facebook page) from this location, shot with Christian Fletcher and on excursion off the mighty True North.

The shot actually shows where I was standing when I took the Blue Hold mega stitch.

Not long after taking that shot I landed fair and square on my ‘kyber pass’ after slipping on some very slippery mud, but by then Christian had made a bee line for the beach, so no one saw it!

16 thoughts on “Winyalkin North

    1. Yes Pete…focus stacked 2 images and exposed one for the sky, but I dropped the opacity down on the sky to make it more realistic…otherwise it was in your face a bit.

  1. Hey thanks Neal…not sure if the lad has seen it yet actually…he’s been a bit busy!

    I might show him so he can swear at me some more! I like it when he swears at me! šŸ™‚

  2. Hey Mark,

    There are some photos that become defining points in our career. I’d be interested to know if you think this is one of those shots for you? I certainly think this shot demonstrates your determination to take things up not one but at least three notches.

    Its a great shot mate.



  3. The whole series from this location I would class as that Jamie for sure. The Blue Hole Shot I love and also the High Pano from here as well. Thanks for the feedback mate!

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