Long Board Surf Comp at Isolated

Whilst picking up my new board this morning, I stayed on to watch a long board surfing comp at a surf break near Cottesloe called Isolated.

I learned to surf at this break, so watching on this morning brought back so many good memories.

The Falcon XR woody was a classic I thought and very fitting for a moment of memories for good times long gone.

The Budweiser dog with the Bid jacket was classic which also fitted in very well to the scene.

All the long boards lined up looking over the break was also a classic look I reckon.

With only knee high waves coming in, the conditions were challenging, but some of the lads were pulling out some interesting moves to woo the judges! I particularly like the one legged stance! šŸ™‚

Review of the new Olympus OM-D Digital Camera

I was very fortunate to be invited to the launch of the new Olympus OM-D 16 megapixel camera this evening by Peta and Paul North from Camera Solutions.

As an opening comment I would say that the Fuji X100 Pro has some serious competition here with this camera and after shooting with it for about an hour I found it to do everything they said it would in the presentation and some!

The menu is much easier to follow than the Fuji and the other really cool features of this little camera are:

The fastest autofocus of any camera on the market.

A very cool stabilisation system that allows hand held shooting at crazy slow shutter speeds like 1/3rd of a second. The top image was shot at F4, 1/3 of a second shutter and ISO 400, the next 3 were at F2 and 1/6th of a second and 800 ISO and the last image was at 1600 ISO.

HD video and a stabilisation system that runs on a different algorithm than for stills, which makes sense.

A live view screen that uses ‘what you se is what you get’ technology, which is similar to the Canon 5D MK2 in that the settings need to be right in order for the image in the screen to look like it is correctly exposed.

And the coolest thing with this camera is a touch screen feature where you can touch the screen and select where to focus and then keep pushing and the shot is taken…a great feature for someone like me who suffers with low light and needing glasses to see the detail normally…not with this baby…very very cool!I think for sure this is the feature of the Olympus that will simply blow the Fuji X100 pro out of the water as I have heard many people say they are frustrated with the inability to get the focus point where they want it with the X100.

Other features include a good dynamic range getting closer to the higher end full frame sensors, but still not quite at that level, aperture an shutter controls are ergonomically located and easy to use and the quality of the prints we saw from this camera were very comparable to anything shot with a full frame SLR and the fact that it is weather proof. The presenter actually poorer water over the camera whilst it was still on!

All in all I very much rate this camera and will be getting one for sure in the not too distant future and the final attraction for me is that they are bringing out a water proof housing for the camera as well! With the fast autofocus and stabilisation system it will be awesome underwater!

For more information on the new Olympus OM-D camera you can contact Paul North at Camera Solutions here

I would also like to confirm that I have not been sponsored by Olympus to write this review and I have based all of my comments on what I have observed with a hands on trial of the new camera.

New Whale Shark Cruise available on the True North

I am excited to announce that due to a recent change in our itineraries on True North we can now offer another cruise at Cendrawasih Bay in west Papua where we can get to swim with Whale Sharks that are hand fed by locals.

Normally this cruise is sold out very soon after releasing the itinerary as we only do one a year, so this is a rare opportunity.

Mike Fletcher has kindly put together a snap shot of what is on offer with this cruise…thanks Mike!

Be prepared to be amazed when you view it!

You can view the link: HERE

Joe’s Fish Shack, Fremantle

For those of you who live in Perth, you would know that Joe’s Fish Shack as somewhat of an iconic building in the Fishing Boat Harbour.

This is a different take on the building using a bit of artistic flair!

Vineyard Moonset and Sunrise

I found this stitch lurking in amongst some Vineyard shots I took with Ian wise a few months ago, which has turned out pretty cool actually.

We hired a cherry picker for this shoot and for sure the concept worked. We managed to pick just the right time when it was a full moon and this particular time was just before sunset and when the moon was just about to set.

Crane Ship, Fremantle

What a beautiful weekend we had here in Perth. On the way back from a very cool surf at Stricklands at Rottnest I saw this ship waiting out in Gage Roads.

As luck would have it, the ship was making its way into harbour when I was driving to work this morning, so I swing by South Mole and captured these shots.

It amass me how ships loaded like this manage to stay upright! šŸ™‚