Nannup Black Cockatoo Sanctuary and Old growth Forest

We had a great day out with Christian and Mike Fletcher today. Out to Nannup initially to have a look at the Black Cockatoo Sanctuary and then off to an old growth timber forest.

The Black Cockatoo Sanctuary was run by a couple who have been living out there for 26 years taking in injured and sick birds, rehabilitating them and then releasing them back into their natural habitat, which is the old growth forest that surrounds the Nannup area.

We went there as they are concerned that the old growth forest has been earmarked for logging. The Sanctuary has a number of birds ready for release, but they are worried that if they do release them that their habitat won’t be there in the not too distant future.

This debate has gone on in many areas and to me, the logic should come back to simply working with new growth areas and leaving the last old growth areas alone. In that way the natural habits that are left for creatures like the Black Cockatoos and the timber trade can carry on by using the new growth areas.

After the visit to the Cockatoo area, we went out to a sacred Aboriginal area in amongst the forest and we were fortunate enough to hear from a beautiful Aboriginal Lady by the name of Mitch who was inspirational, positive, knowledgeable and very much in harmony with the land.

Unlike other speakers I have heard on similar subjects to this, Mitch was not interested in talking about issues of the past, she said we need to learn from the past, but look to the future, because we can’t change the past, but for sure we can all take charge of our futures.

Not only was she a great speaker, she was a very natural model and even in challenging conditions, I managed to get a few good shots of her.

Interestingly enough we also had Emma Bussel there as well, who was a direct descendant from the Bussel family who have lived in the Busselton area for ever!

After listening to Mitch speak in the Old Growth area, we went to where the logging had started. You can see why people get emotional about these areas for sure.

All in all a nice day out with some cool people with a good cause.

Early light at Mt Beauty

I have been doing up some prints lately for our new house and the theme I have gone with is Autumn colours in the bathrooms.

This image was taken with Christian Fletcher and Tommy Putt at Mt Beauty. It was a beautiful morning with some nice soft light, some mist over the water and a great tree right on the water front.

New Olympus OM-D

I am so excited to hear that Peta North has arranged for me to test the new Olympus OM-D underwater housing for my up and coming trip on True North at Cendrawasih Bay on the 18th of next month!

I recently purchased the Olympus OM-D from Peta and Paul North at Camera Solutions in Perth, in anticipation of this up and coming trip and to also have a smaller camera for doing progress reports and commercial shots around Evolution Commercial.

First impressions of this camera are very good. It is quite user friendly through the menus, super sharp and the ability to focus and trigger in live view exactly where you want the focus is gold. I will do a more detailed review after my trip on True North and after I have given the OM-D a solid work out both above and below the water.

We are just researching which strobe I will get to take with me and then I will be totally kitted out with the ability to capture super sharp stills and HD video whilst swimming with the Whale Sharks of Cendrawasih Bay!

Peta tells me that Olympus are going to update the firmware to allow for Macro selection easily from a menu as well which will make this a very versatile camera indeed. It comes standard with a 12mm – 50mm lens that also does Macro. So pretty much perfect for anything you would need for underwater shooting!

Thanks heaps Peta, Camera Solutions and Olympus for arranging this!

I will be posting live off the True North with new images each day taken from the new OM-D and I will offer comments about my impressions I find on using the camera, the quality of the images and the usability of the housing itself.

Duyfkin Returns to Fremantle

I went out for a surf to Stark bay today, which was pretty cool and on the way out we saw the Dufkin returning from their around the world journey, was the Duyfkin.

She looked a bit worse for wear and very much like she had some stories to tell. She is only a tiny little ship and certainly not something that would be comfortable in such a journey, but there you go, she made it just like they used to do back when ships like this were the only way to explore our world.

How far we have come since then!

First refit complete for Evolution

The team at Evolution Commercial have excelled themselves with the completion of a major refit on the first of a number of Leighton Barges that are now coming our way off the back of the success of this refit.

A seriously big well done team and I can assure you all that everyone from the top down at Leighton are seriously impressed with what we have pulled off here.

Onto the next one!

Old Jurien Bay Jetty

I went to Jurien Bay to do some Skydives with some old Skydiving buddies yesterday and this morning and after the jump yesterday I went to the beach and watched the sunset develop over an hour or so.

Such a beautiful evening to be out and every 15 minutes the whole scene was changing.

Here are a few of the various moods that were presented to me. A beautiful way to close out a great day!

Low Tide at the Hunter River

Hunter RIver in the Kimberley at low tide. Flemming Bo Jensen (AKA Flembotaruny and international man of mystery),off in the distance doing a timelapse and pondering the his next move.

A funny thing happened on this shoot as I put my thongs way up on the rocks on the right and by the time the tender picked us up, the thongs were floating! The landscape had totally changed as it does so well in the Kimberley!